Message to student for Student Appreciation day

January 30th 2005
This was our first official student appreciation day eat out or should I say hog out.
Regardless, I want to thank all those students who were able to come as well as those
who weren’t able to attend. As a teacher, I’ve often said one of the most difficult task is
to find a good teacher. You can open up your yellow pages or search the Internet and see
how daunting that is. But, from the many years that I have been teaching, I’ve also
learned that finding good students is comparably difficult. Teaching is much like
parenting, in that you take watchful eye over your student’s development. And, while I
would hate to use the word pride, when I see the growth of what our students can do and
the skills that they now have, in the end it is the hard work and effort that you put in your
training that has brought you to this level. Thus, I want everyone to continue with their
hard work and training and use the skills they develop in Wing Chun to live a much
richer life. Our student appreciation day is simply a small gesture for us to say, “Thank
With the deepest of thanks
Sifu Ed Cruz