American Constitution Discussion Group meeting

American Constitution Discussion Group meeting
The Conservative Forum sponsors discussion group meetings separate from our regular
monthly meetings for interested members. Attendance is free but those attending are
encouraged to make a purchase from the Pizza Parlor.
American Constitution
Fourth Monday of each month
Round Table Pizza, 4400 Stevens Creek,
San Jose, 95129 (West of Kiely Blvd.)
Discussion Group Leader: Ray Strong
Date: November 28, 2011
In September and October we studied the principles of government that we could extract
from the Declaration of Independence. In short form, these principles are (1) the sole
purpose of government is to protect individual rights, (2) government power is only
justified by the consent of the governed, and (3) our government should be a peer to other
governments. In October we talked about the extent to which these principles were
implemented in the US Constitution. In November we will discuss the extent to which
these principles distinguished the US from other countries over the course of its history,
and whether we can attribute economic effects to the forms in which these principles
were realized. We'll rely on the historians in our group to compare the US to other
countries over the last two hundred twenty-two years. In particular, we will compare the
US to England, France, Canada, and Mexico, to see if we can draw conclusions about the
effects of implementing our principles of government.