Chapter 15: Chromosomal Inheritance

Chapter 15: Chromosomal Inheritance
_______________________ was the first to discover that _______________________________
P generation
F1 generation (all wild type)
F2 generation (3:1 ratio of
Wiild type:mutant)
Stangely, only males exhibited the mutant phenotype. From this, Morgan deduced that
_______________________________________________________________________ .
If 2 genes are linked, they tend to be inherited together. A word on notation:
w = ______________________________
vg = ______________________________
The wild-type has _______________________________________________
w+ = ______________________________
vg+ = ______________________________
1) An example: Body color and wing shape are linked
Parents: b+b+vg+vg+ x bbvgvg
F1: b+bvg+vg
b+bvg+vg x bbvgvg
Recombination frequency:
Recombination is a result of crossing over during _____________________________ .
Recomb. Frequencies can be used to map genes:
R.F.’s don’t go above 50% since those results would imply independent assortment.
Males are more prone to sex-linked disorders because they have ________________________
_______________________________ . A female would need recessive genes on both X
chromosomes (although 1 X chromosome, called _______________________, is randomly
inactivated in each female).
1) Nondisjunction
2) Polyploidy
3) Deletion
4) Duplication
5) Inversion
6) Translocation