The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer
Illuminated Manuscript Project
For this project, you will have an opportunity to work in-depth with a selected Canterbury Tales pilgrim,
try your hand at writing in the rhymed couplet style of Chaucer, and create an artistic representation with
time period authenticity.
To complete your Canterbury Tales project, include the following:
An illustration of your character using one or more of the techniques of the artists of the
Middle Ages; illuminated manuscript, stained glass window or wood-cut engraving styles will
work well to create time period effects;
A written character sketch and/or brief retelling/synopsis of your character's tale using
rhyming couplets with a regular syllabic pattern (meter); strive to reveal the character's
personality in your writing;
for #2 above, design at least one stylized letter;
design a border for your writing and illustration;
Leave at least a one-inch margin on the left side of your paper.
All projects will be completed on parchment-like paper (provided by Mrs. Hedges). In the spirit of
medieval scribes, you may also want to consider using calligraphy to complete the written portion of
the project. Final projects will be presented in class and compiled in a Canterbury Tales binder for
future students of Chaucer to read and enjoy.
Project due dates:
Completed rough draft of writing: ________________________________
Artwork layout: ________________________________________________
Final project:
Materials needed (make your own list here):
Hedges/Seminar Humanities/2011