The Middle Ages & Canterbury Tales Notes

The Middle Ages & Canterbury Tales Notes
Geoffrey Chaucer was?
In 1006 “William the Conqueror”-
The Norman ConquestThe Three Estates Aristocracy Clergy PeasantryDomesday BookNorman Conquest French Language PeasantsFeudalism King
 Lords
 Knights
 Peasants
Decline of feudalism…why?
Women in Medieval England Chivalric code Courtly love The reality-
The Crusades Holy Wars against?
 ResultsMedieval Cities Merchant class Guilds AdvancesUniversitiesThe murder of Thomas A’Becket allowed?
Magna CartaThe Black PlagueThe Hundred Year’s WarYeoman?-
Canterbury Tales Introduction
ChaucerMiddle Ages Linguistic ChangeMiddle EnglishWilliam the ConquerorUnlikely Marriage?-
 How was Middle English created?
Romance Languages were?Dominance of English
 Russian words French words English wordsChaucer- Canterbury Tales is Start End Time Distance Days_
Pilgrims How many?
 Host Pilgrims named byStructure of the Story Game?
 Stories?
 Prize?
Frame Tale (what is it?)How many stories?
How many really created?