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ECE565 Digital VLSI Design
Fall 2005
Class Time:
Dr. Abby Ilumoka, Room UT 235, Ph: (860) - 768 – 5231
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/ilumokanw
Tue Thu, 4.15-5.30pm
Wed 2-3.30pm, Tues, Thur 1.30pm – 2.30pm
(other consultation by appointment)
Credit Hours 3
Lecture Hours 1.75hr/wk
Laboratory Hours 0.75hr/wk
Digital System Logic(EE231), Digital Laboratory(EE232), Electronics Circuits (EE362),
Electronics Lab II (EE364), Senior or graduate standing
Office Hrs: :
Digital Integrated Circuit Design by Martin, Oxford Publishing
CMOS Digital and Analog Circuit Design by John Uyemura, Oxford Publishing
Tanner VLSI Design Suite: LEDIT Pro Full Custom Layout Editor, TSPICE Pro
Circuit Simulator, UPLib, CMOS Lib, SEDIT Schematic Editor, LVS Netlist Comparator
Bulletin Description
Techniques for CMOS digital integrated circuit design at circuit, subsystem and system levels.
CAD tools for design from schematic capture to physical layout. Design methodologies –
programmable logic, standard cell, full custom; CMOS fabrication technology; design issues –
speed, power, reliability, testability; CMOS design case studies. Laboratory project.
Course Outcomes When the students have completed this course, they will be able to
design state-of-the-art digital integrated circuits. They will have acquired in depth
knowledge of VLSI design constraints as well as degrees of design freedom available to
them thus enabling standard cell and full custom design of digital integrated circuits using
both mask and netlist level tools.
3 X 75min Exams. Each exam counts 25% toward final grade.
Cell Library Design counts 25%
Other Course Information
Exam Dates: Exam 1 9/27, Exam 2 Oct 27, Exam 3 Nov 17, 4.15 – 5.30pm (Final),
Mini-Projects due Fri Dec 16
1. Introduction (Video Tape 1)
2. MOSFET Electrical Properties and Mathematical Models
3. CMOS Fabrication Technology (Video Tape 2)
4. Fundamental Building Blocks of Digital IC’s
5. Design of Microprocessor Datapath
6. VLSI Circuit Concepts (R, C Delays & Crosstalk)
7. Partitioning, Floorplanning and Placement
8. Grid, Global and Channel Routing
9. VLSI Optimization & Testing Techniques
10. Supplementary Topics