College Algebra Grading Procedures

College Algebra Course Guidelines and Procedures
Mr. Michael Sieg
[email protected]
School Phone 847-692-4484 ext. 8675
Course Description/Major Objectives:
College Algebra is a two-semester class. College Algebra involves the study of Trigonometry which is the
study of the six basic trigonometric functions, their graphs, and associated properties. In addition, the basic
conic sections, graphs, and properties will be studied. Each student completing College Algebra will be ready
for Pre-Calculus or Calculus.
Supplies Needed: Students are expected to have the following supplies in class EVERYDAY!
Textbook College Algebra: College Algebra & Trigonometry 6th Edition by Aufman, Barker,
and Nation. 2008
Spiral Notebook for Note-taking
Pencil and/or Pen
Scientific Graphing Calculator (Preferably the TI 84 Plus or newer is requested).
Notebook paper with Carbon Paper OR Science Lab Notebook for homework completion
Grading Procedures:
Each student will earn a grade based on tests, quizzes, and assignments based on total cumulative points.
Test and quiz grades will comprise the bulk of each student's points for their quarter grade, while homework
assignments comprise the remainder of the student’s quarter grade. The quarter grade is based on the
student’s percentage of total points earned.
Daily assignments will be checked for completeness, neatness, effort, and accuracy. A complete list of the
previous nights’ correct answers will provided each day. It is the responsibility of each student to check
his/her homework for correctness and accuracy on their individual homework copy.
Tests are usually scheduled for Thursday, and cover only the preceding chapter.
Tests and quizzes will be graded thoroughly. Accuracy and a student's best effort are expected to receive top
scores on tests. There will be times when certain algebraic procedures are expected to be used. Students will
be graded on their performance in using the correct procedures, not just whether their final answer is correct.
At the end of the semester, a comprehensive Final Exam will be given. The final semester grade will combine
each student's two quarter grades and Final Exam score. The Final Exam score will be weighted no more
than 20% of each student's final semester grade. A letter grade will be assigned using the following scale:
Semester Grade Computation = 40%Quarter + 40%Quarter + 20%Semester Final.
For students performing at
90% and above………..A
80% through 89%…….B
70% through 79%…….C
60% through 69…..…...D
59.99% and lower…..…F (NOTE: Final grades will not be rounded up)
Grades on the parent portal will be updated once a week, after the completion of the grading of each
chapter examination.
Extra credit will not be part of the course entitled College Algebra and Trigonometry.
“Missing assignment” (/m) make-ups require direct contact between teacher and student. The make up of
missing assignments is dependent on individual circumstances and will result in a maximum of half credit for
any assignment for which credit is allowed.
Parents may communicate using e-mail or telephone a9847-629-4484, Ext 8675). The weekly listing of
homework and examinations is posted on Mr. Sieg’s webpage which is accessible through the Maine East
Home Page.
Here is where to get help…
COACH offers student tutors during the school day and before / after school in room 234.
The MRC (Math
Resource Center) offers teacher tutors during the school day in room 220F (1st through 9th
Mr. Sieg is available before school from 6:15 to 7:45 A.M in Room 321. Please make arrangements if you
wish to meet with me after school because of additional educational responsibilities.
Additional Information:
Excused absences, fieldtrips, and illness that require make up work will be evaluated as if the required work
was turned in on time.
Academic dishonesty – “Students are expected to complete all tests and assignments honestly and will not
collaborate in dishonest actions. Students will not give or accept answers or assignments unless directed to by
the teacher. Students caught cheating or plagiarizing will be subject to discipline as stated in the Student
Handbook, p. 37.”
Please feel free to contact Mr. Sieg directly via email or telephone with any questions.