Problem Set #2

Introduction to Physical Oceanography
Fall 2008
Problem Set #2
Due September 15
Part 1
1) The following mean temperature and salinity profiles were obtained for the Bay of
Biscay (France) for the month of July. ( Using these vertical profiles and the
equation of state (equation 2.1) in Knauss, calculate the density and sigma:
a) at the sea surface.
b) at 1000 meters
c) at 2000 meters
With these values try to plot the vertical profile of density
2) Compute the density and sigma for the same range of values using the more accurate
UNESCO * empirical density calculator.
3) How do the values of density computed with equation 2.1 and the online calculator
compare? Why would they be different?
4) Locate the 3 points from Question 1 on the TS diagram below (Contours are of sigma).
Part 2
Compute the following from equation 2.1 in Knauss:
6) Based on these values (in Q5), how much would temperature have to change to cause the
same change in density as a change in salinity of 1 psu if Temperature and salinity were as in
Q1a? and in Q1b?. What would your answer be if you used the TS diagram above?