Industrial Revolution Essay Outline

Industrial Revolution
Preparation for Essay Writing
Prompt: What technological social, economic, and cultural
changes occurred on the Industrial Revolution?
The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change in the way people lived
around the world. The invention of machines, changed the ways things were
made. The possibility of creating a new business or a new invention allowed
simple people to make money and climb social ladder. The migration from the
countryside into cities promoted the creation of the working class. Life in the
cities allowed people to have leisure time that they never had before. Art once
again became a reflection of people’s daily experiences. With the Industrial
Revolution, life would never be the same again.
Paragraph 1: Necessity was truly the mother of money invention
during the Industrial Revolution.
Examples of inventions (at least three) explain why these
invention wee so important.
Explain the importance of time in the Industrial Revolution.
Paragraph 2: New economic opportunities opened the gate for people
to improve their lives.
 The creation of the middle class.
 Opportunities for bankers, small entrepreneurs, and merchant.
 The few millionaires (Leland Stanford, Rockefeller, etc).
Paragraph 3: Mass migration to the cities changed the way people
lived. Immigration also was a direct result of the need of a new type of
 From slaves to waged labor.
 Cities: Overcrowded, criminals, sanitary conditions, child
exploitation etc.
 Populations  Statistics (use the information of your
handout as examples for mortality rare, population
increase and life expectancy (1750 to 1900 in England).
Paragraph 4: During the Industrial Revolution, arts once again
expressed the feeling of the time.
 Movie
 Political Cartoons
 Page 217: Music literatures, visual arts.
 Leisure Time.
 One paragraph summarizing the movie Oliver Twist.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion
The promise of the Industrial Revolution was that with the use of
machines people would work less and be happier.