Teaching Strategic Management

Teaching Strategic Management
The nebulous nature of the strategic management process has caused problems
for universities. How do you teach “intuition”? Should we even try to teach
strategy in this way? The response has been to offer two types of MBA degrees:
the executive MBA, and the academic MBA. The academic MBA typically requires
candidates to have an undergrad background in stats and calculus, and a
satisfactory score on a GMAT. Analytical and strategic techniques are taught
together in an comprehensive system of study. The executive MBA, on the other
hand, typically has no academic entrance requirements other than an undergrad
degree in any subject. Teaching is usually based on the case method. They feel
that the case method of learning by doing examples is the best way of
developing a “strategic instinct”.
Strategic management courses are typically taught as a capstone course (that is,
final course) in MBA or B.Com programmes. Some of the text books used in
strategic management courses include:
Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 13th Edition -- by Arthur A.
Jr. Thompson, A. J. Strickland III
Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ninth Edition -- by Fred R.
Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases -- by Arthur A. Thompson,