Parent Information - Career Success Schools

Parent Information
We recognize that the support of a parent or guardian is essential to the
success of each student at Career Success Schools. We encourage
parent involvement and participation and seek to maintain open
The main reason that Charter Schools were established in Arizona was to
give parents/students a choice. Charter schools are smaller schools and
have the ability to be innovative and responsive to each child’s needs.
Charter schools are accountable to the State and must meet the same
requirements as the traditional schools.
Parent-teacher conferences are held throughout the year and progress
reports and report cards are sent to the home when classes are completed
each 9-week period.
What Parents Should Know:
1. A safe and secure environment is kept and maintained at each of the
Career Success schools.
2. Ensuring good daily attendance is most important for your child to
achieve academic success. 90% attendance or better is expected.
3. Students are expected to behave in a manner that supports the learning
environment. Disruptive students will not be tolerated.
4. Care of school property is expected.
5. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
6. All schools are drug free and weapons free campuses. We have a
silent witness program where students/parents are able to inform us of
any suspicious behavior.
A School-Parent Learning Compact is part of the enrollment packet and is
required to signed. This Compact will better ensure success of your