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Kevin Smith
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“The Salvation Army”
Kevin Smith
November 10, 2010
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Image 1 (Introduction)
(Audio Script: Image 1)
(Image 1 fade in)The salvation army is a
place where people who are in need go
to get food, clothing, or many other
items that they might need. The
salvation army has been formed all
around the world today, and they have a
lot of businesses and foundations that
help out people in their societies. The
salvation army is a nonprofit
organization and it has a lot of different
foundations all around the world.
I now give you the opportunity to hear
and learn about the foundation and
structure of the salvation army.(Image 1
fade out)
The Salvation Army Doing The Most, 2010
(Image 2)
Body Content
(Image 2 and 3)
(Image 2 fade in) According to the
Salvation Army- International “The
salvation army was founded in 1865 by
one- time Methodist minister William
Booth and his wife Catherine. The
salvation army was modeled after the
military with its own flag and its own
music.”(Image 2 fade out)(Image 3 fade
in) The salvation army provides items
such as clothing, food, furniture, and
even just a shower to stay clean.
According to The salvation Army Giving
New Hope, “Once those items are
provided, a person can stay up to 8
nights for free, giving them a warm bed,
shower, and toiletries, food and
someone to help them plan what to do
William Booth, 2010
(Image 3)
Salvation Army Donations/Shaw Bears, 2001
(Image 3 fade out)( Image 4 fade in) The
Salvation army thrives off of the
donations that it receives from the
people in the society. Most Salvation
Army facilities place donation kettles
(Image 4)
Need Raises Salvation Army’s Goal for Bell-Ringing Collections,
outside of their facilities, which are there 2010
for people who are willing to give
money, or make any type of donation.
(Image 4 fade out)
(Image 5)
(Image 5)
(Image 5 fade in) The salvation army got
its name when William Booth had a
meeting among a group of his leaders. It
also symbolizes a symbol of help and
hope for people who are in need and
feel like they cannot survive in today’s
society. (Image 5 fade out)
(Image 6)
(Image 6 fade in) The salvation army not
only takes care of the people in the
communities in which they are located,
they put forth help for people all around
the world today. They have responded
to disasters in places such as Indonesia,
Agency/ The Salvation Army, 2010
(Image 6)
Uganda, Africa, and many more places
that have hade natural disasters.
The Salvation Army- National Capital Area Command, 2010
(Image 7)
(Image 7)
At some salvation army facilities people
can even purchase items for lower prices
because at many of their facilities they
take a lot of unwanted items that people
just have sitting around and sell them for
cheaper prices. (Image 7 fade out)
Salvation Army Giveaway/ Families in Need, 2010
(Image 8 and 9)
(Image 8)
(image 8 fade in)The salvation army
takes anything a person can donate, and
they have been doing it for a numerous
amount of years at the same time.
(Image 8 fade out)(Image 9 fade in)
They have people that take any donation
a person can give, and with the salvation
army giving a little can help a person a
lot. (Image 9 fade out)
Salvation Army/ Donations, 2008
(Image 9)
Why Do I Support The salvation Army, 2008
(Image 10)
(Image 10)
(image 10 fade in) I hope that by seeing
what the salvation army does for others
in the community that more people will
start to give donations in the future.
Outside of every facility they have a
place to kame any type of donation,
which help out people who are in need.
(Image 10 fade out)
(Image 11) (Image 11 fade in) The
salvation army provides for individuals
all around the world, so let’s try to
make the world better by giving.
Salvation Army/ Demand Of Services, 2009
(Image 11)
Johnson County Salvation Army Camp, 2009
For more information on the Salvation
Army visit the website The Salvation
Army: Doing the Most Good.
Thank You
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