Unit 9 Objectives

Chemistry – Unit 9 Objectives
Stoichiometry II
By the time we finish this unit, you should be able to:
1. Review Concepts:
Solutions: a homogeneous
mixture of a solute dissolved in a
solvent; dissolving process (U4 3)
Gas Behavior (relationships
between P, n, V, T); standard
temperature and pressure (STP)
for gases (U 2)
Energy storage and transfer
mechanisms in a molecular
system; Energy constants (U 3,
U 6)
2. Use the concept that P  n to
determine the partial pressure of
a particular gas in a mixture.
3. Determine by experiment the
volume of a mole of gas at STP.
4. Use the ideal gas law equation to
determine the number of moles
in a sample of gas not at
standard conditions.
5. Beginning with a balanced
equation and
 volume, temp, and pressure of
a gaseous reactant or product
 predict the moles of another
reactant or product
Modeling Chemistry
U9 obj v2.0
6. Relate the molar concentration
(molarity) of a solution to the
number of moles and volume of
the solution.
7. Beginning with a balanced
equation and the volume and
molarity of a reactant or product,
predict the moles of another
reactant or product in the
8. Describe endothermic and
exothermic reaction in terms of
 energy bar graphs and system
flow diagrams (LOLOL)
 Balanced equations with a
quantitative energy term
 H notation
9. Extend the use of the BCA table
to cases involving
 volume of a gas
 volume of a solution, or
 energy of reaction
to determine stoichiometric
relationships in a reaction.
10. Vocabulary
 Concentration
 Molarity
 Partial Pressure
 Molar Volume
 Ideal Gas
 Endo-, exothermic
 Enthalpy
Modeling Chemistry
U9 obj v2.0