PM essay question

Possible topics sentences for Progressive Essay.
The question: To what degree and in what ways did the Progressive Movement
successfully improve the lives of the average American between 1900-1920?
You might categorize under Social, Political, and Economic
Or you might categorize by Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson….
SFI generated in class
Economic Topic Sentence: The Progressive ideologies of limiting the power of big
business, protecting labor, and reforming the banking system greatly improved the lives
of American citizens.
Social Topic Sentence: The success of the Progressive reform mov’t though federal
legislation and greater social awareness instituted standardized measure for the average
American citizen.
Political Topic Sentence: ….something about greater grass root participation, the
lessening of the power of political machines….making politics more responsive to the
average American.
Thesis Statement suggestion: The Progressive Movement was most successful in
changing political ideology but less successful in the social and economic realms thought
the average American did experience positive change in their own lives.
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