Short Story Analysis

Short Story Analysis
Name of Short Story:
Answer each question about the short story fully in one complete paragraph.
Describe the setting of the story. Where and when does it take place? How does the
setting affect the action and the overall atmosphere of the story?
Write a brief summary of the plot. You should include only the highlights of the story.
Identify the climax.
Briefly describe the main character, his/her appearance, thoughts, and emotions. Does this
character change? How? What conflict does the main character face? How does the main
character resolve the conflict?
What role do minor characters play, in relation to the plot as a whole and in relation to the
main characters?
Explain the theme (the central message) of the story. Discuss the author’s broader
underlying message, the general concept(s) that the author is dealing with through the
What is your opinion of the story and the main character? You must explain your opinions
by using examples.