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Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
The Naval Postgraduate School is an academic institution whose emphasis is on study
and research programs relevant to the Navy's interests, as well as to the interests of
other arms of the Department of Defense. The programs are designed to accommodate
the unique requirements of the military. The student body consists of officers from the
five U.S. uniformed services, officers from over 50 other countries and a small number of
civilian employees. Selection of officers for fully funded graduate education is based
upon outstanding professional performance as an officer, promotion potential and a
strong academic background. The faculty, the majority of whom are civilians, are drawn
from a broad diversity of educational institutions and represent a prestigious collection of
scholars. Faculty/student interaction is high. The Naval Postgraduate School offers
classes leading to advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines.
The Naval Postgraduate School is comprised of four graduate schools (Science and
Engineering, Business and Public Policy, International Graduate Studies, and
Informational/Operational Sciences) and four interdisciplinary research and education
institutes. Additional information on NPS can be found at
The Naval Postgraduate School’s research program spans the basic and applied.
Research is conducted in every graduate school and institute at NPS. Field
experimentation programs are also conducted which takes research into simulated
The Naval Postgraduate School is seeking applicants to support the NPS Research
Program. This is an open announcement as NPS supports over 500 research projects.
Research positions are normally term appointments and may be offered as Research
Professor, Research Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Research
Associate, or Research Assistant. These types of positions are non-tenure track
Research Assistant Professor, Research Associate Professor, Research
Professor. These positions are nontenure-track appointments reserved for research
faculty with a PhD or equivalent degree, or equivalent experience. Other than the
fact that these are nontenure-track appointments, the ranks are equivalent to the
tenure-track professorial ranks. The maximum length of service for a Research
Assistant Professor is seven years (with a one-year notification of non-reappointment
at the end of the sixth year); the other two ranks do not have length-of-service
limitations. All Research Faculty positions are explicitly dependent on the availability
of research funds.
Research Associate. A Research Associate works under the direction of a faculty
member to support the reimbursable research activities at NPS. A Research
Associate typically has a Masters degree or a PhD in a field applicable to the
research. Research Associates are appointed by the Provost to terms not exceeding
three years (pending availability of reimbursable funding) upon the recommendations
of the Principal Investigator(s), the Chair/Dean/Director. Renewals are possible,
pending satisfactory completion of duties and availability of reimbursable funding.
Research Assistant. A Research Assistant is a nontenure-track faculty member
with a Bachelors degree who assists in the performance of research duties under the
direction of the Principal Investigator.
Application Procedure:
Applicants must submit: 1) a cover letter describing their qualifications for the particular
research position they are seeking, 2) a comprehensive curriculum vitae or resume, and
3) contact and e-mail address information for a minimum of three references. The
application material must clearly state the applicant’s citizenship. Applications should be
submitted electronically to:
Danielle Kuska
AVP for Research Administration and Director,
Research and Sponsored Programs Office
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA 93943-5000
Applications should be emailed to [email protected]
Review of applications will occur as they are received. This is an open announcement.
Applications will be accepted at any time. Certain research programs may be open to
US Citizens only and/or require a security clearance. The Naval Postgraduate School is
an Equal Opportunity Employer.