The Roosevelt`s Research Project

The Roosevelt’s Project
Franklin D. Roosevelt ushered in a new era of government that actively pushed through
legislation to directly help troubled Americans. His wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, changed the function
of the first lady by taking an active role in the political issues of the day.
Research one of the innovative Roosevelt’s and write a biography about his or her life and
how he or she helped change the United States. Explain how his or her actions were different
from those of past presidents or first ladies. What were the opinions of Americans regarding your
chosen Roosevelt?
Research Links
Portrait of a First Lady
The White House offers this brief biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.
The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt
Explore this overview of Eleanor Roosevelt's life. The site is maintained by her museum and
includes photos, a slideshow, and a collection of her belongings.
Fireside Chats with FDR
Review the complete catalog of FDR's fireside chats.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Biography
Read a biography of FDR.