Roosevelt and the New Deal

Roosevelt and the New Deal
Pages 785 – 790
One American’s Story: Who won the election of 1932 and why?
I Roosevelt Takes Over
1. Roosevelt created a comprehensive plan to end the Depression. It was called?
2. FDR focused his programs on?____________________________________________
3. 20th Amendment?______________________________________________________
4. Hundred Days?________________________________________________________
5. Bank Holiday?_________________________________________________________
6. Fireside Chats?________________________________________________________
7. Describe Roosevelt’s 3 R’s
II Roosevelt’s Second New Deal
1. The Second New Deal focused on?________________________________________
2. Social Security Act?_____________________________________________________
*How did it help the elderly and at what age could you collect?
*How did it help the unemployed?
II The New Deal Slows Down
1. What did the Supreme Court do to many of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs?
2. As a result FDR asked congress to?_________________________________________
**Did they approve? Why or why not?
Which New Deal law established a system of unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
(1) Fair Labor Standards Act
(2) National Labor Relations Act
(3) National Recovery Act
(4) Social Security Act
1. What do the cards represent?
2. What is the purpose of the cartoon?
3. Create a caption for the cartoon.
1. Who is the man sitting in the chair? What is his health condition according to the cartoon?
2. Who is the man standing with the bag? What role is he playing?
3. What is the meaning of the bottles on the table?
4. What is the meaning of the statement, “of course we may have to change remedies if we
don’t get results?
5. What other actions did Roosevelt take to help the Depression?