Weather Science Quiz

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Weather Science Quiz
1.) Name 4 different Air Masses
a. Continental Polar
b. Continental Tropical
c. Maritime Tropical
d. Maritime Polar
2.) Air Masses get classified or named by what three things?
a. Similar Temperature
b. Similar Pressure
c. Similar humidity
3.) What is an air mass?
(A large body of air that has similar temperature, humidity and air pressure
4.) What is a front?
(The boundary where unlike air masses meet but do not mix.)
5.) Name 4 types of fronts
A. Warm
b. Cold C. Stationary
d. Occluded
6.) Define Climate
(The average weather conditions over a large geographic area that extends over a
long period of time.)
7.) How are air masses moved in the US?
A. Jet Streams
B. Prevailing Westerlies
8.) A. A tropical air mass has _______________pressure.
B. A polar air mass has _____________pressure.
Name that Front!
9.) A cold air mass and a warm air mass meet and remain stalled over and
(Stationary Front)
10.) A rapidly moving cold air mass runs into a slowly moving warm air mass. ______________
(Cold Front)
11.) A warm air mass caught between two cooler air masses. ____________
(Occluded Front)
Name that Air Mass!
12.) a.
Warm and Humid- Maritime Tropical
Cool and Dry- Continental Polar
Dry and Warm- Continental Tropical
Humid and Cool- Maritime Polar
13.) I am a front that brings light rain for several days. ____________ (Warm or Stationary)
14.) I am front that brings severe weather. (Heavy downpours, gusty winds and cooler
temperatures) (Cold Front or Occluded)
15.) All fronts cause _________________________
(Weather- precipitation of some sort)