Ch. 8 Science Review 8.1 How much of our air is oxygen and

Ch. 8 Science Review
How much of our air is oxygen and nitrogen?
Put the following layers of the atmosphere in order starting with the bottommost.
Mesosphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Exosphere, Thermosphere
Where does most of our weather take place?
As altitude _________________, air pressure _________________. Why?
What is a convection current?
What is a jet stream?
Draw the convection current (beach scene) during the day and at night. Label your picture.
What is an air mass, and how does it move from place to place?
Match the following air mass with the proper description.
Continental Polar
- Cold and moist air
Continental Tropical
- Cold and dry air
Maritime Polar
- Warm and moist (humid)
Maritime Tropical
- Warm and dry
What is a front? What are the three basic fronts?
Draw and explain the fronts.
What are examples of severe weather?
What is the difference between a severe storm warning and a severe storm watch?
Explain how lightning occurs and what the sound (thunder) truly is.
How does a tornado form? Draw a picture if this is helpful and explain.
What is needed for a hurricane to survive and become stronger?
Why are hurricanes more destructive?
Match the following term with the proper definition.
- measures rain fall
- measures moisture in air
- measures wind speed
Rain Gauge
- measures air pressure
What is the difference between weather and climate?
How do mountain ranges and ocean currents affect climate? (draw a picture if this helps)
How do fossils helps scientists with climate?