Mystery Book Grading Rubric

Mystery Book Grading Rubric
The book report is expected to be handed in on time. Each day it is late, it
will lose a whole letter grade.
Score Given
Correct format:
10 points
The report follows the guidelines given.
All information is present.
Rubric is included with report.
10 points
The report is neat, and all writing is legible.
The lettering and drawings are colorful.
Effort is apparent.
15 points
Each spelling error loses 5 points, up to a total of
15 points.
50 points
Each of the following paragraphs is accurate and contain specific detail from the book.
Characters involved in mystery: detective and suspects
Crime or mystery being solved
Clues used to solve the mystery
Opinion of book
Pictures / Illustrations
15 points
The pictures help to explain the mystery.
Student Score / Grade: