Create Your Own Mystery Paper—Test Grade

Create Your Own Mystery Paper—Test Grade
You are going to create your own short story following the ingredients of a
mystery. Your mystery needs to include the following:
o Characters: suspects, detectives, witnesses. Your characters should
be as lifelike as possible.
o The plot needs to include a problem and a resolution.
 You need to include at least one external conflict and one
internal conflict.
o The setting should be mysterious. (Remember to include both time
and place).
o You need to have clues to help the detective and reader solve the
o You need to have at least one red herring that throws the detective
and reader off track.
o I should be able to pick out the theme of your story.
This should be your best writing, so spelling and grammar count!
Your short story should be exactly one page, typed, Times New Roman 12, and
double spaced. It is due today. No excuses!