2005_ITG_data extraction

Program/Support Area Assessment Template (rev. 04/01/05, Appendix C)
Date Submitted:
Submitted by: Therese Nakadomari
Assessment Team Date:
1) Program/Support Area:
Information Technology Group – Information Services
2) Mission/Purpose (Reference LCC Mission):
The Information Technology Group directly supports the College’s mission in its commitment to
the achievement of student learning.
The mission of Information & Technology Group – Information Services is to provide
technology-related information and services to the faculty, staff, and students of Leeward
Community College to empower them to fully utilize technology in their respective disciplines
of study or administrative responsibilities.
3) LCC Strategic Plan (Reference Goals/Objectives):
Goal C: Improve educational effectiveness
Objective 2: Ensure availability of high-quality resources and services
4) Goal/Objective (Reference Program Goal/Objective):
ITG will accommodate all the data extraction needs of the campus.
5) Outcome Measure (What is being counted or measured?):
ITG-IS staff will fulfill all authorized requests for data extraction.
6) Definition of Data Sample (Where or from whom will data be collected?):
Faculty and staff who submitted authorized requests.
ITG staff will maintain a log of requests and the time spent.
(When will data be collected?)
ITG-IS staff will track the number of and the complexity of the request for data extraction. The
complexity scale is:
Level 1 - about 5 hours of programmer time
Level 2 - about 16 hours of programmer time
Level 3 - about 40 hours of programmer time.
A survey will also be sent out once a year to assess the success and failure to meet the authorized
(How many data samples are intended to be collected?)
20 to 30
(Why is this appropriate data?)
This data is a direct measure of the campus usage of this service.
7) Method of Data Collection (How will data be collected and by whom?):
Data will be collected by ITG staff using logged information about each request such as time
spent and complexity.
The survey will be collected and put in a database by the ITG staff.
(Describe assessment tool (survey, rubric, etc.) to be used; attach if possible)
See attached survey and data extraction template spreadsheet
8) Actual Level of Results (How many samples were collected?):
29 data samples
(What actual data (numerical results such as total count, percentages, averages, etc.) were
53 of Level 1 - about 5 hours of programmer time
6 of Level 2 - about 16 hours of programmer time
10 of Level 3 - about 40 hours of programmer time.
Total number of actual hours worked on programs for data extraction 508.4 hours total for
all data extraction.
9) Analysis (What have you learned, both in terms of the assessment process and student
achievement of SLOs, as a result of this assessment?):
We severely underestimated the number of data samples that we would collect for this
assessment. The increase is due to the need for data in other areas of campus for
assessment. The time spent working on these report exceeded the estimated work hours per
year for the data extraction staff member. The LCC staff responsible for delivering this
service only works 10 hours per week at LCC. The overage was 58.4 hours that she worked
on data extraction and not on the Banner upgrade or on her own time.
The surveys collected for the data extraction section were positive. The results show that
the campus is satisfied with the data extraction staff member’s work. The common
comments are that the data extraction takes too long.
10) Plan of Action (What changes do you propose to improve student learning (for the
student learning outcomes assessed) or to improve the support area?):
We see that the need for data extractions from the Banner system has increased.
There are 3 options that we will propose to the campus.
- We would like to hire another staff in the IT group to provide this service to the
11) Budget Impact (How much will the action cost?):
If an additional staff is hired it would be at a cost one full time Band B staff.
(How could the proposed plan be funded?)
General Funds