Personal information

Personal information
Xiaoming ZHANG
Date & Place:
January 1977, Jiangsu, China
Régulation Immunitaire et Vaccinologie, Institut Pasteur
25-28 Rue du Docteur Roux, 75724 PARIS
Tel : 00 33 1 45 68 83 52
Fax : 00 33 1 45 68 85 40
E-mail: [email protected]
2007.10 ~
2007.9 PhD
2003.7 Master
2000.7 Bachelor
Régulation Immunitaire et Vaccinologie, Institut Pasteur, France
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France
Yangzhou University, China
Yangzhou University, China
Nanjing Normal University/Nantong Medical College, China
Research area:
Human immunology
Immune functions of human fresh pDC subsets, mDC subsets and B cell subsets.
Mouse immunology
1 Anti Mycobacterial immunity
2 Regulation of neonatal innate immunity
Vaccinology and Zoonosis
1 In vivo DC targeting by using C type lectin-specific sugar-based vaccines
2 Salmonella-based novel vaccines against important zoonotic pathogens such as
avian influenza virus
Prize for “Best oral presentation”,
The Annual Meeting of the French Society for Immunology
1 A novel DNA vaccine vector without antibiotic resistance gene.
China Patent No. ZL200310112640.3
2 A novel eukaryotic expression system regulated by magnesium concentration.
China Patent Application No. 200710020573.0
1 Zhang XM, Deriaud E, Jiao XA, Braun D, Leclerc C and Lo-Man R. Type I
interferons protect neonates from acute inflammation through IL-10 producing B cells.
J Exp Med, 2007, 204(5) :1107-1118.
2 Zhang XM, Jiao XA, Tang LH, Pan ZM and Liu XF. Construction and
characterization of Salmonella typhimurium SL7207 SifA- mutant strain. Acta
Microbiologica Sinica. 2005, 45(3) : 349-354.
3 Zhang XM, Jiao XA, Tang LH, Pan ZM and Liu XF. Enhanced stability of plasmid
pcDNA3.1+ within Salmonella typhimurium by downregulation of the Ampicillin
resistance gene expression. Chinese Microbiology, 2005, 32(5): 51-55.
4 Pan ZM*, Zhang XM*, Geng SZ , Cheng NN, Sun L, Liu BB, Huang JL and Jiao
XA. Priming with a DNA vaccine delivered by attenuated Salmonella typhimurium
and boosting with a killed vaccine confers protection of chickens against infection
with the H9 subtype of avian influenza virus. Vaccine, 2009 (in press). (*: equal
Zhang XM, Majlessi L, Deriaud E, Ibrahim-Granet O, Leclerc C and Lo-Man R.
Synergistic activation of MyD88 and dectin-1/Syk pathways activates regulatory
properties of neutrophils in Mycobacterial infection.
Talk summary:
Bacteria contain several types of innate agonists. In contrast to monocytes/macrophages, murine
neutrophils poorly contribute to inflammatory responses, but rather secrete high levels of IL-10
following bacterial (Mycobacteria, Escherichia coli and Shigella flexneri) stimulation. Co-triggering of
TLR/MyD88 and dectin-1/Syk pathways, but not TLR alone, leads to sustained phosphorylation of p38
MAP and Akt (PI3K) kinases and affords murine neutrophils the capacity to produce high amount of
anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10. In vivo, IL-10-producing neutrophils play a regulatory role in both
acute and chronic Mycobacterial infection models.