Eisteddfods in 2014

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Eisteddfods in 2014
Eisteddfods are competitions that students enter to perform a solo, duo/trio or as part of a troupe in various styles of dance.
Eisteddfods are a great opportunity for students to improve their dance technique, confidence and performance skills as well
as meet new people in a fun and friendly environment.
In 2014 all current troupe members will remain in the same age group. Students wanting to participate in the 10 & under, 12
& under, 14 & under and Open troupes for 2013 must be enrolled in at least ballet and jazz classes in order to maintain a
high level of dance technique, flexibility and performance skills. Troupe students cannot miss more than two ballet classes,
two jazz classes and two troupe classes per term. If students are unwell they should attempt to watch the class and provide a
note (this is not counted as a lesson missed).
Students who enrol in ballet, jazz and tap receive troupe class free.
Students wanting to participate in the 8 & under troupe only need to be enrolled in ballet class to participate. Students going
into Grade 1 and 2 Ballet will be the appropriate age for 8 & under troupe.
Due to time restraints, most new troupe dances will be learnt in occasional weekend rehearsals and then rehearsed and
polished in weekly troupe classes. As some of these rehearsals will be held very early in Term 1 it is essential that you let me
know if you want to be part of the troupe team before term 1 commences!
Leaps and Bounds troupes will perform at the following eisteddfods in 2014:
Sale 5th – 9th April
Yarram 16th – 18th May
Morwell 27th June – 5th July (OPEN TROUPE ONLY)
Traralgon 19th – 28th September
Please note that troupe students must be available to perform at all of these eisteddfods in order to be part of the troupe.
Students who participate in troupes will need specific shoes for each troupe – ballet shoes for ballet and neo-classical
troupes, jazz shoes for jazz and song & dance troupes and black tap shoes for tap troupes. Troupe students will also need a
range of tights including ballet tights, redenzas (tan coloured shiny tights) and possibly white tights for national troupes. It is
also important that students who participate in eisteddfods provide their own make-up and hair accessories.
Students wanting to perform solos or duos/trios at eisteddfods are required to take weekly private lessons. The private
lesson timetable will be organised early in 2014. Some new routines may be taught on weekend rehearsals and then polished
in weekly private lessons. Students MUST be part of troupe in order to enter solos/duos/trios. Parents are responsible for
entering students into the competitions – if you are new to solos/duos/trios I will pass on entry information for each
Please note that in 2014 students will still only be allowed to learn ONE new solo and ONE new duo/trio per term. This is to
ensure that all routines are ready for each eisteddfod. Parents should advise me ASAP of any new requests for 2014 if they
have not already done so.
Students will need a costume for each solo/duo/trio item that they learn. Students may organise their own costume so long
as it is approved by me first, or they can hire costumes from Leaps and Bounds.
Private lessons for 2014 will be invoiced twice per term. Saturday private lessons will be available again in 2014 and can be
timetabled around other weekend activities. Please advise ASAP if this is preferred. Any students wishing to have a private
lesson longer than half an hour will be required to have a Saturday lesson as timetabling is very tight during the week.
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding eisteddfods. I look forward to another great year of eisteddfods in
Jenny Cumming
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