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We have revised the process by which a Nevada Thespian Troupe earns the title
HONOR TROUPE. This year we will include a live presentation given by a student or group
of students proving evidence creating a portfolio of activities achieved by your Troupe
throughout the year. We would like the focus of the presentation to be on something that
really makes your Troupe’s efforts stand out. We call it a SPOTLIGHT FOCUS, and it
represents an activity or project that your Troupe undertook this year over and above your
normal level of activity. It should represent a reach, or an innovative step, in how you use
existing resources and/or develop new ones.
Using guidelines from other states’ processes, we have established a point system to
help Troupes demonstrate a mean level of activity for their Troupe. When applying, you will
be asked to provide information about your Troupe’s activities and projects in four
areas: Theatre Production, Community Service, Participation (in Nevada Thespians) and
Outreach (including your troupes involvement with your buddy group and sole mate).
The point system was developed to encourage a solid, balanced level of involvement
and activity across those four areas. Up to 30 points may be earned for Theatre Production,
up to 20 points for Community Service, up to 30 points for Participation, and up to 20 points
for Outreach. For this first year, we have set the mark at 60 points to establish a base level
of involvement.
Once a troupe establishes this level, attention turns to a specific project or activity
that stretched the Troupe’s resources, created innovative connections, represented a risk, or
otherwise stood as an “over and above” attempt.
This is what we would like the Honor Troupe designation to honor: Troupes that maintain a
balanced level of involvement and strive for excellence by stretching themselves in new and
innovative ways.
Troupe presentations will be scheduled during state conference and are to be given
by students. Adjudicators will validate the Troupe’s claims and those who satisfy the
requirements will be named Honor Troupe.
All Honor Troupes will receive a trophy and be recognized at the conclusion of the
State Conference.
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