Dance Gallery Competition Troupe Auditions 2015

Dance Gallery Competition Troupe Auditions
The Dance Gallery Competition Troupe will hold auditions Monday, July 13 – Thursday, July 16, 2015. Students
will spend Monday-Wednesday working on technique and learning the audition routine, with the actual audition
occurring on Thursday. Judging criteria will include dance technique, flexibility, knowledge of the routine, facial
expressions, musicality and overall impression. Interested dancers must complete the attached form and submit
at the front desk by July 1st.
7/13: 6:30-7:30PM
7/14: 4:00-5:00PM
7/15: 4:45-5:45PM
There will be 4 troupe divisions this year:
1. Elite
2. Pre-Elite
3. Mini troupe (no audition required)
7/16: 12:00-4:00PM
4. Prep Troupe (no audition required)
Elite: For dancers who are committed to becoming the best they can be, and are willing to put in the time to perfect
their technique. Elite troupes will require the following:
 Travel: Elite troupes will travel to one or two out-of-state regional competitions per year, in addition to the
three local regionals all troupe members will attend. Travel will be limited to areas within 4 hours drive of
 2 Ballet, 1 Troupe Jazz, 1 Tap class per week (Fall, Spring and Summer)
 Set blocks of rehearsals times in the evenings and on the weekends. These will be the same times every
week, with some additional times added as needed. No more than 2 conflicts per semester will be
allowed. Additional absences will result in disciplinary action.
 3 group routines (1 Production, and 2 small groups)
 Optional Large Group Contemporary routine (Dancers will be selected based upon their audition)
(**MUST enroll in the hour-long Contemporary class if selected for this group)
 Nationals attendance
 Convention attendance
Pre-Elite: For dancers, ages 9 and above, who enjoy dance, but are not ready to commit to the full Elite training
and competition regimen. Pre-Elite troupes will require the following:
 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Tap class per week (Fall, Spring and Summer)
 Rehearsals once per week, some weekends
 2 group routines (1 Production and 1 small or large group, depending on the number of dancers)
 3 local Regional competitions
 Nationals attendance
Mini Troupe: For dancers, ages 8 and under, who are new or relatively new to competition dance. Mini Troupe
will require the following:
 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Tap class per week (Fall, Spring and Summer)
 Rehearsals one day per week, some weekends
 2 groups routines (1 Production and 1 small or large, depending upon the number of dancers in this group)
 3 local Regional competitions
 Nationals attendance
Prep Troupe: For dancers brand new to competition, who want to “try it out.” Prep Troupe will require the
 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz class per week (Fall & Spring; Summer if attending Nationals)
 Rehearsals one day per week
 1 group (large or small, depending on the number of dancers)
 3 Local Regional competitions
 Optional Nationals attendance
*There may be opportunities for additional large groups, depending upon interest. If your dancer is interested in large groups,
please indicate on the last page.
What to expect if you make ANY troupe:
Troupe Jacket purchase: $100.
Troupe class/rehearsal uniform: Black leotard, t-shirt or tank (no writing on the shirts, except for Dance Gallery shirts) and
black hot shorts or jazz pants. Any undergarments that can be seen MUST be black, as well.
Choreography fees: Our Troupe choreographers for 2014-2015 will be Tim Flattery, Loralea Wood, Jessica Prather, Marja
Edwardson, Teri Day, Morgan McCool, and others. Choreography fees will range from $60-$100 per number. Prep Troupe does
not pay choreography fees.
Competitions: Most competitions are held in the spring, starting in February. Last year, we attended Stage One, Nexstar, Leap, VIP
and Revolution. Competition entry fees are usually $40 -$45 per group routine. All local regional competitions will be in KC,
Lawrence or surrounding areas.
Solos/Duos/Trios: These are optional routines based upon the following rules. Anyone on troupe may do a solo/duo/trio
(optionals). To do two optionals, you must be in two group routines, and to do three optionals, you must be in at least 3 group
routines. You may select your choreographer from any of the Dance Gallery choreographers. Solo/duo/trio fees are $350, which
includes the choreography fee and 4 private lessons. Additional private lesson fees are $55/hour or $30/ half hour. These fees are
paid directly to the choreographer you choose. Competition entry fees for optional routines are usually $90-$100 per solo, $50-$70
per duet (per person) and $40-$50 per trio (per person). Additionally, each solo/duo/trio is required to attend 6 Solo/Duo/Trio
rehearsals at DG, beginning in November. The fee for these sessions are $60 per solo, $30 per duet (per person) and $20 per trio
(per person)
Costumes: Costumes usually range from $75-$120 per routine, with additional fees for rhinestones.
Make-up and Jewelry: All new troupe members will receive their make-up and jewelry upon making a team. The cost for these
will be approximately $75 and is a one-time charge.
Rehearsals: All troupes will meet for at least 30 minutes each week, for each routine. There will also be weekend rehearsals in
longer blocks as choreography is being taught. In order for the routines to be successful, troupe members need to be at rehearsals
when they are scheduled. Students who miss rehearsals will be required to make them up in private lessons with the
choreographer ($55/hour). Excessive absences from rehearsals and required technique classes can result in dismissal from
MANDATORY CHOREOGRAPHY WEEKENDS: Mark your calendars! No conflicts will be accepted these weekends.
o August 22-23: Guest Choreographers
o September 26-27
o October 3-4
o October 24-25
o NYCDA, November 6-8, Kansas City (Mini/Junior: $220; Teen/Senior: $245)
Troupe fee schedule:
o Production and 1st group: E Rate
o Each additional group number: $40/month or $105/trimester
Fundraising: There will be many opportunities for fundraising during the season. We will have troupe meetings to discuss
fundraising periodically throughout the year.
Team Morale: Competition Dance is a group sport and requires dancers, parents and teachers to spend a lot of time together. We
expect parents and dancers to display positive attitudes and to get along with one another. Any troupe parent or dancer who is a
negative influence or displays negative behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.
If, after being placed on a troupe, a dancer decides to quit the Competition Team, he/she will be allowed to continue taking rec
classes, but will forfeit an additional year of troupe. For example, if Tonya auditions for the 2015-2016 season and does not like the
troupe on which she was placed, Tonya will be allowed to continue taking rec classes, but will not be allowed to audition for
Competition Troupe until the 2017-2018 season.
Dance Gallery Competition Troupe
Audition Form
Name: ________________________________________
Date of Birth: _________________
Age (as of January 1, 2016):_________________
Grade: ________
School: ___________________________________
Email Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________
Mom Cell: ____________________ Dad Cell: ____________________________ Dancer’s Cell: ______________________
School dismissal time:
I wish to be considered for an Elite team (please refer to front page for Elite team requirements):
I am interested in competing in the following dance styles (Circle all that apply):
Hip Hop
Musical Theater
I am interested in auditioning for a Large Group Contemporary number (Elite dancers
ONLY) (MUST enroll in the hour-long Contemporary technique class):
Yes ____
I am interested in other Large Group opportunities (open to anyone, except Prep Troupe):
I would like to do a solo: ______
If yes, what style? ______________
I would like to do a duet or trio: _______
If yes, what style & with whom? ____________________________________________________________________________
Please list your preferred choreographers for your solos, duos or trios:
Parent signature: ___________________________________________________________________________
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