Ch. 3 sec. 4 worksheet

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Section Quiz
Biology and Behavior
Section 4
MULTIPLE CHOICE For each of the following, write the letter of the best
choice in the space provided.
_____ 1. What are genes?
a. strands of deoxyribonucleic
b. physical traits
c. inherited disorders
d. basic building blocks of
4. Why are identical twins useful
in studying the influences of
heredity and environment?
a. Identical twins share 50
percent of their genes, so 50
percent of their differences
must be environmental.
b. Identical twins share 100
percent of their genes, so
any differences must be
c. Identical twins are always
the same sex and so have
similar environmental
d. Fraternal twins are actually
more useful in heredity and
environment studies.
5. Which chromosome pair
determines the sex of a child?
a. 3rd
b. 22nd
c. 23rd
d. 46th
_____ 2. What is debated in the “naturenurture” issue?
a. heredity versus environment
b. genes versus heredity
c. parents versus children
d. personality versus biology
_____ 3. Taken to the extreme, the
heredity view may suggest
a. We cannot change anything
about ourselves.
b. Our parents make us what
we are.
c. Where we are raised
changes what we become.
d. Plastic surgery is unethical.
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