Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Heredity and Conception
Students should be able to answer the following questions (from text):
1. What is meant by heredity? (pp. 50-51)
2. What are chromosomes and genes? (pg. 51)
3. How do cells divide? (pp. 51-52)
4. How are twins formed? (pp. 52-53)
5. How do genes determine traits? (pp. 53-55)
6. What kinds of disorders are caused by chromosomal abnormalities? (pp. 55-58)
7. What kinds of disorders are caused by genetic abnormalities? (pp. 58-60)
8. What is genetic counseling? How do health professionals determine whether children
have chromosomal or genetic abnormalities? (pp. 60-64)
9. What is the difference between our genotypes and phenotypes? (pg. 64)
10. What kinds of research strategies do researchers use to sort out the effects of genetic
and environmental influences on development? (pp. 64-66)
11. What process brings together genes from each parent? (pp. 66-68)
12. What are the causes of infertility? How are couples helped to have children? (pp. 68-70)
13. How do people attempt to select the gender of their children? (pp. 70-72)