Intervention Ideas for Students that make


Intervention Ideas for Students that make inappropriate comments/noises in the classroom  Verbal or nonverbal cue to stop, “This is inappropriate”   Have student go on a recovery & return when ready to learn Communicate with parents   Collect data- for documentation about this problem Do not reinforce the behavior, they may just be seeking your extra attention      Write a contract with student, specifically stating expected behavior Interact frequently with student when they are following expectations Vary seating arrangement- could be space or friend issue Practice with student about waiting for turn to speak with short amounts of time and increase as success is demonstrated Teach student when it is acceptable to interrupt others Intervention Ideas for Students that make unnecessary physical contact with others  Directly teach student personal boundaries and space (bubble)   Separate student from the primary focus of students physical touch Reduce the opportunity for the student engage in physical contact     Model socially acceptable physical contact (OK PDA at Sherman) Discuss real world expectations about physical contact Break up lesson/groups so students physical needs can be met appropriately Recognize student when they are being appropriate    Role play various ways to act during interactions rather then through physical touch Make sure student sees the relationship between their behavior and the consequences which may follow Separate student from activity/lesson until they are able to show they can respect their space and others personal space