Department of Cardiology

Director: Prof. I. Stiliades
The Department of Cardiology is in the need for the procurement of the following medical
1) An ultrasound system for Cardiovascular imaging capable to perform real time3-D
imaging of the heart and great vessels and in particular the capability for real time 3-D
transesophageal imaging. That ultrasound system will provide great help for both the
Cardiology and the Cardiac Surgery Departments of our Hospital particularly for the
caring of patients with structural heart diseases undergoing invasive or surgical procedures
(approximately cost 150.000€-200.000€).
2) A mobile C-arm fluoroscopy system for cardiac and vascular applications. The system
must have excellent image quality for the visualization of small catheters and stents and
must be capable for prolonged fluoroscopy times. That mobile C-arm fluoroscopy system
will be very useful for the Electrophysiology and Pacemakers Unit of the Department of
Cardiology, but also for the various endovascular procedures performed by cardiac and
vascular surgeons of our Hospital (approximately cost 120.000€).
We are at your disposal for further information about the above medical equipment