Early Obituary Assignment

Future Life Biography Assignment
Look forward into the future! A biography tells the life story
of a person as written by someone else. If you were to know
your own future and write a biography for yourself in third
person, what would it include? Be creative with your life facts!
Each biography should cover some basic life information:
 What education or training did you have beyond high
 Were you married with a family, and what sort of life
did you have with your family?
 What career or jobs did you have?
 What accomplishments or challenges in life did you
have? Alternatively, what interests or hobbies were
most important to you?
 How would you summarize yourself in a single
Grammar focal points:
 Variety of sentence structures – inverted, questions,
commands, start with prepositional phrases, etc.
 Complete sentences – no fragments or run-ons
 Capitalization of sentence beginning and proper nouns.
 End punctuation – missing punctuation creates run-ons
 Correct spelling
Writing focal points:
 Brainstorming
 Editing
Assignment: Future Life Biography
Grading Rubric:
 Sentence Variety _____/4: Sentences show good
variety and flow easily from one to the next without
sounding awkward or confusing.
 Complete Sentences _____/6: No fragments or run-ons
present. (-1 for each occurrence)
 Capitalization _____/5: Capitalize the beginning of
each sentence and all proper nouns. (-1 for each
 Spelling _____/5: Use the dictionary and computer
spell-check appropriately. (-1 for each occurrence)
 Content: Each biography should include some
information related to the following items.
_____/2 Education
_____/2 Marriage and family
_____/2 Career
_____/2 Life accomplishments/
_____/2 Single sentence summary
Total: _____/30
27 – 30 A
21 – 23 C
24 – 26 B
18 – 20 D