lab 2 exercise - rectal palpation

Animal Science 434 – Applied Anatomy
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1. What is the function of the spiral at the end of the pig catheter?
2. What is the likely advantage of using a cattle catheter with a spiral lock for the sheath over one which has an
O-ring lock?
3. Cattle catheters are covered with a hard plastic sheath and then often an additional soft plastic sheath. What
do you think is the purpose for having the second soft plastic sheath?
4. Why do some of the equine catheters have a soft plastic bulb at the end?
5. What is the volume of inseminate in the cow, pig and mare and how is the equipment different to
accommodate these volume differences?
6. What are the reasons for rectal palpation in cows?
7. What structures can be examined with rectal palpation in the cow?
8. Describe the stage of the reproductive cycle and the hormones being produced for the three groups of
9. Describe your experience in palpating a cow.
10. Where was the cervix located in relation to the rim of the pelvis?
11. What did the cervix and the uterine horns feel like in the cow?
12. Describe your experience in artificial insemination in the cow?
13. Was the cow or sow easier to inseminate and why is that the case? Be sure you address differences in
14. What is the causitive agent for IBR?
15. What are the reproductive consequences of this disease?
16. How can a vaccination against this disease sometimes lead to abortion?
17. What are the best practices to prevent this disease in cattle?
18. What does CSS stand for? (overview of CSS)
19. This bull is going to be culled. Can you determine why? (Hint: Examine ABS Global's current line-up of
Holstein and Jersey bulls. Check out the TPI and Net Merit values for all the bulls and see where your bull
would have placed on this list.)
At least you could determine if he is a bull you would like to use on your
20. What do you think are reasons a bull stud would cull a bull?
21. What kind of information might you have available on semen from a human donor?