Prairie Rose footnotes

530C If you're looking for a stout, rugged herd bull that can also make females to keep in
your herd, make sure that you look up Tall Grass. This horned son of S109 is full of
red meat, and still maintains a good turn to his rib. This is supported with a REA EPD
in the top 5% of the breed and a Milk and Growth EPD in the top 10% as well. If you
follow the bottom side of his pedigree you will also see the immortal Keysha as the
foundation cow behind him. Make sure to mark him as one to watch, you'll be glad
you did.
554C554C is just a July, but is she ever a sweet one! Cool fronted, square hipped, great
legged, and style to burn. Her sire, Downtown Avenue was the Reserve Champion
Horned bull in Ft. Worth in 2012 so the power to produce champions is there. 554C's
mother B210 is tight uddered, small teated, and has passed on her picture perfect
profile to her daughter. The Breeze cow family has written history for GKB, and
numerous other breeders, just imagine what this young summer heifer has in store
for her new owner.