research quotes

“They put a smile on your face every time you seen them…there’s a
lot of joy in doing chores these days,” says Jack.”
“If we compare the cancer cells to iron, then the proteins our milk
cow produces are like magnets, which can find and hold down
these cells firmly,” said Li Ning, an academician with the Chinese
Academy of Engineering, “More importantly, these proteins only
kill cancer cells without causing any damage to other cells.”
“Yang—whose laboratory in Storrs created the 94-pound heifer
clone named Amy last June – and his Japanese colleagues used cells
from a stud bull named Kamitakafuku, who was sired 160,000
offspring, to produce the six calves. In the cloning technique known
as nuclear transfer, DNA -- which carries genetic instructions – is
extracted from adult cells and fused into an embryo striped of its
own genetic material, then implanted in a surrogate mother.”
“She claimed all three,” he adds. “She counts them, and moos
gently to call them.”
“Lions are steaks and this is where the money is. The rump is
largely for roasting joints and demand for these are lower than for
steaks, so we have to breed for the trait which provides most
income for our commercial bull customers,” states Henry
“Riverbend is more genetics law than cattle range. Key to this
business is embryo transfer. Females like Blackbird 558H, an 1,800
pound cow, re given hormone shots to stimulate their ovaries; 50
to 100 eggs are harvested seen times a year and implanted into
surrogate mothers, producing up to 30 offspring from a single egg
donor. (That compares with an average 10 offspring in a decade
without implantation.)”