Welcome US Historians

Welcome US Historians!
In the next 85-95 days you are going to read a one thousand plus page book, present at
least one project, collaborate with fellow students, take tests and quizzes, follow (and report on)
current events, and experience the exciting story of our 300 year old history as a nation. So be
on your toes and get a good night's sleep because this is an E-O-C! We have a lot to do and no
time to waste.
You want to know the important things such as rules and grading, don't you? I have just
two rules but both are essential for a successful learning experience.
#1-Be Respectful - to all the administration and faculty members since they are the core
essentials for your high school, to me as your teacher, to other students as your classmates, and
to yourself as someone who is growing and learning each day.
#2-Be Prepared – with your homework completed, with your textbook assignment read,
with your notes studied, with your materials (book, notebook, pencils, and pens) on hand, and
with your mind attentive and engaged for learning and participation.
As far as grades:
Current Events:
Class work/Homework:
Tests and Quizzes will be given often as they assess your knowledge (and retention!) of
the topic. Projects will be assigned throughout the semester; specific due dates and requirements
will be given in writing with plenty of advanced time. Current events are a bi-weekly
assignment, which means they will be collected two times per month on various topics. Topics
will be assigned ahead of due date. Class work includes journals and other in class assignments.
Participation is participation- I expect you to be engaged in learning and ready to answer
questions and contribute ideas and information. Late work is not accepted and will count as a
I will have tutoring for US History students in the afternoons on Tuesdays. Students will
need to find their own transportation home. Tutoring starts at 3:45pm and ends at 4:30pm. As
high school students I expect you to know when you need tutoring, and not leave it until too late.
Ask questions before an assignment is due not after!
I can be contacted at: 661-4880 and through email. My email address is
[email protected] I also have a school website that has various things posted on it.
Please check it regularly.
I look forward to an exciting semester ahead!
Ms. Zagrodnik
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syllabus. _____________________________ (signature) ______________ (date)
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