Last year was a challenging one for Pakistan, its economy and its people. As part of the telecom
industry we have had our share of challenges yet we have risen to the occasion and made good
progress both on the business as well as the social front, shifting our focus towards
We believe that CSR is a strategic, holistic approach to managing a company within all areas and
departments and one that has sheltered us from uncertainty. Even in today’s difficult economic
climate we have maintained our commitment to operate ethically and responsibly towards all
our stakeholders.
As Pakistan’s largest cellular network catering to more than 30 million customers, we continue
to fulfill our responsibility towards the nation and its people. By setting examples of excellence
in CSR we hope that other organizations will be encouraged to also play their part in reshaping
the lives of millions of our fellow countrymen.
We recognize that CSR has a long-term, positive impact on a company, from linkages in financial
performance to the morale of employees. We believe investing in it is not simply a cost but an
opportunity. We therefore continue to evaluate and invest in sustainable social projects which
are beneficial for both individuals, the company.
To further reiterate this commitment, Mobilink became a signatory to the UN Global Compact
in 2008. The UNGC has given us a renewed focus and direction to continue identifying longlasting ways of upholding the broad-based principles outlined by UN.
With integrity, professionalism, and commitment to supporting the Nation and its people
wherever possible, we will continue to move ahead in a responsible and accountable manner.
PRINCIPLES 3, 4, 5 & 6:
Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective
recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;
The effective abolition of child labour; and
The elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
Mobilink aims to attract and retain talented, committed and responsible people by treating
employees fairly and respectively and offering a safe and healthy work environment. We help
our employees develop their potential professionally by providing opportunities for leadership.
We also recognize that a diverse workforce brings innovation in our products, services and
technologies and enables us to meet the needs of our stakeholders.
Discrimination and harassment policy
Physical security policy
Discipline policy
Employee old age benefit policy
Employee education assistance policy
Employee training and development
Mobilink follows the labour laws in letter and spirit. We have internal and external
auditors to keep a check and balance on the system.
Mobilink is committed to equal opportunity for all its employees and hires without any
discrimination based on race, color, sex, nationality, ancestry, religion or disability. All
Mobilink premises adhere to our Equal Opportunity for Employees policy.
Mobilink recognizes employee’s personal and professional growth. Skills are developed
through cross-training, education assistance, and multidisciplinary skills. Total training
hours in 2009 were 1349.
In 2007, Mobilink conducted the Managerial Leadership for Sustainable Growth exercise
which was a four day In-house program delivered by Dr. Kenneth Morse and Dr. William
Aulet, faculty members at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The
program was designed to transition Mobilink’s managers from a firefighting mode to a
more proactive business analysis planning role.
A program ‘People Managers Toolkit Program’ designed specifically for Mobilink’s
people managers to equip them with managerial tools and skills that would enable them
to manage individual, team performance and resources more effectively.
Mobilink strives to consult its employees in a wide variety of areas, from regular
performance reviews to ongoing communication using our intranet, biannual
newsletter, Mobilink Family Portal and during our Town Hall meetings where employees
are encouraged to share their views, suggestions and queries with the president and the
management team.
In 2008, Mobilink introduced the Climate Survey with the aim of gauging our working
environment in various management dimensions which includes working environment,
teamwork, people management, training, benefits, growth opportunities and
recognition. The survey was conducted by a consultant firm in order to ensure
confidentiality and transparency in the process.
Mobilink engaged an external Human Resources firm to conduct a “Culture of Excellence
Survey” which focuses on the values and behaviors to assess how well these are
demonstrated by each department.
Mobilink is committed to protecting the organization’s most valuable asset i.e.
employees, and to secure all physical assets, by utilizing a proactive approach. To
accomplish this task, the Security department promotes a safe and secure environment
by installing world class security equipment nationwide.
A campaign to highlight how Mobilink encourages and invests into the individuality of
every Mobilinker was launched. The Mobilink spirit proudly reflected throughout this
campaign as it came together as a visual culmination of how harmoniously people of all
faces and from varied places come together as one, under Mobilink. The result of this
campaign was the tremendous increase of job applications by 80%.
It is Mobilink’s policy to employ a person above the age of 18 years, directly or
Through the awareness seminars and placement of policies on the family portal,
employees have a better understanding of their workplace
Turnover rate decreased from a double digit to single digit
Employee satisfaction survey showed an increase from 55% to 75% from 2008 to 2009
Issues were resolved after results of the employee survey were disclosed and an
increase of ** in employee satisfaction was seen
Due to our discrimination and equal opportunity policy, in 2009 female workforce was
Mobilink Workforce by age group
19.73% 46.86% 20.52% 8.15% 2.86% 0.98% 0.58% 0.23%
PRINCIPLES 7, 8 & 9:
- Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental
- Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and
- Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly
Protect the environment and promote sustainable practices in business value chain
Change behavior and take positive steps for the four areas of consumption; fuel;
electricity; paper and air travel emissions
Office buildings designed to fully utilize daylight.
High power generators are not used after working hour.
Equipment put on IDLE mode when not in use, where applicable.
Electronic ballast being used in lights for efficient consumption of electricity and
maximum output.
Face-to-face meetings are replaced with conference calls, where possible.
A paperless environment is incorporated as much as possible.
Energy use for the whole company is monitored regularly and any increase investigated
to ensure that there are no leakages or wasteful use of energy.
Office waste paper is recycled on a regular basis including scrap paper, boxes, wires
and wooden boxes.
Billboard skins are recycled to manufacture school bags for underprivileged children.
A handset recycling system is in place for internal and external audience.
Network equipment is reused where possible and obsolete equipment is disposed of in
an environmentally friendly manner.
Hazardous Materials
Generator Noise & Smoke
Sound proofing of canopy on generator with
70dba noise level at 1m & smoke within
environmental limits.
Site drainage
Site is designed to have proper drainage to the
nearby sewerage system or any safe disposal
without harm to anyone.
Lightening & electricity
Systematic grounding system is designed for
on all equipment including tower, lightening
arrestor & surge arrestors are installed at key
Oil leakage from generator
Joints sealed with approved standards
High steel structure & heavy equipment
Towers are designed to withstand high speed
wind up to 180km/hr qualifying international
standards, air craft warning lights in red color
are installed as per standards. Detailed
structure feasibility is conducted from
approved engineering design firm when
building/water tank.
Electricity shock
Electricity resistant gloves, belts & approved
tools are provided to engineers. Cables are
covered with pipe & insulation to avoid any
30% reduction in travels nationwide has helped to reduce carbon emission
50% electricity consumption has been reduced by replacing the lights with electronic
ballasts and the carbon emission from lights has also reduce by 50%