geophysical fieldwork

Area experience
Egypt - West Med
Denmark - North Sea
Australia - Carnarvon Basin
Norway - Norwegian Sea
Indonesia - Natuna Sea
UK - North Sea
Russia – West of Urals Region
West Africa - Onshore Gabon
Software experience
Petrel – Interpretation & Modeling***
Geoframe - Seismic interpretation**
ArcGIS - GIS mapping*
Kingdom - Seismic interpretation*
Powerlog - Petrophysics**
Trinity - Basin modeling**
Kinex - Source rock kinetics**
Genesis - Source maturation*
Bivius - RFT plotting*
Microsoft Office - Documentation***
Xait Porter - Documentation*
RokDoc - Geophysical modeling**
Paradigm - Seismic Interpretation*
* Basic knowledge user (<2 year)
** Experienced user (2-3 years)
*** Super user (3+ years)
Curriculum Vitae
Name: Thomas Joshua Gruss
Date of birth: 20.10.1978
Nationality: Danish, American (Dual Citizenship)
2003 - 2005 M.Sc in geology (Basin Geology) at
University of Aarhus, Denmark
2000 - 2003 BA in geology at University of Aarhus
2000 GSK course in mathematics level A
1998 - 1999 Soldier in the Kings Artillery Regiment
1995 - 1998 Student, mathematical line
Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium
Work history
2006-2010 Geophysicist at Hess
2006 Contract Geophysicist at Amerada Hess Aps
2004 - 2005 Tutoring exchange students at Aarhus
2003 - 2005 Employee at Aarhus University doing
geophysical fieldwork
2000–2005 Employee at Carl Bro a/s doing geophysical
Danish read and write, high level
English read and write, high level
Spanish read and write, mid level
German read and write, low level
Relevant Skills
2D and 3D seismic interpretation
3D modeling
Petrophysical interpretation
Reservoir characterization
Seismic attribute analysis
Extensive knowledge in structural geology
Well planning
Time lapse interpretation (4D)
AVO analysis
Acoustic Impedance Inversion
Depth conversion
Data handling and loading
Data management
Rock Physics - Forward Modeling
Seismic acquisition and processing
Industry Relevant Experience
During my 5 years studying Geology & Geophysics at Aarhus university I was working for
geophysical consultancies and the university doing potential field and electromagnetic
surveys. This has given me a good insight to what is required in planning and executing
geophysical fieldwork.
The following 4 years working as a geophysicist for Hess Ltd. I have been involved in
several projects across the globe, spanning from production/development projects in
Denmark, UK and Egypt to exploration activity in UK, Norway, Russia, Western Australia
and Western Africa. I've worked both operated areas and non-operated, including hosting
and attending partner meetings regularly. Work has also included evaluating various new
venture opportunities in UK, Norway and SE Asia.
Some of the achievements during this time includes a successful application for
operatorship of a license block in Norway which was ranked 4th best application by the
NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate). Other license applications include a successful
bid on a Russian onshore block West of Urals and a full evaluation of the Beagle Subbasin in West Australia.
During my period in production/development a producer/injector well development was
successfully planned and executed on the South Arne field in the Danish North Sea. Also,
comprehensive field studies such as 4D were carried out to realize remaining field
potential and infill opportunities.
I've received a rigorous broad training covering all of the geoscience disciplines, but have
honed my skills towards quantitative and qualitative geophysics as well as 3D
geomodeling. In the future I see myself developing further as a geophysicist with specialty
in rock physics integrated with 3D modeling expertise.
My software experience includes expertise in Petrel. I've used Petrel for everything from
seismic interpretation through to volumetric calculation. As a recognized expert I've also
been involved in evaluating different plug-ins as well as writing specialized work flows.
Other g&g programs frequently used include Geoframe, Paradigm and Rokdoc.
As a geophysicist/geoscientist I've been working as part of a subsurface team, but also
individually when required. I enjoy both the challenges and benefits of team work, but also
the focus and discipline required by working on your own.
Seismic interpretation (2D & 3D), 3D modeling (Petrel), seismic attribute analysis, AVO
analysis, acoustic impedance inversion, rock physics - forward modeling, depth
conversion, reservoir characterization, volumetrics calculation, well planning, data