1. From the following assignment topic. What are the main instruction words?
Assignment Topic
Please provide either an actual or a hypothetical assignment topic appropriate to the
subject and Q. 1 – 4 of this quiz
2. The main concept from the assignment topic given above is that:
Librarian to complete
3. What are the qualifying words in the assignment topic?
Librarian to complete
4. From the following essay topic:
Please provide an essay topic
Effective keywords drawn from this example that could be used for searching databases
are: Librarian to complete
5. From your understanding of Boolean logic which would be the best combination of
keywords to use for searching journal articles on this topic in question 4 above?
Librarian to complete
6. How can I access the CINAHL database? Please provide a suitable database eg ERIC?
(a) From the CSU Library Homepage, select subject gateways, Health and then
(b) From the CSU Library homepage, click on databases and select C from Databases
by Title
(c) Go to the CSU Library homepage, click on databases and choose OVID from the
dropdown list of Selected Databases, then select the CINAHL database
(d) From my.csu select databases and full text articles from the Library Quick Links, click
on Health Areas Subject Areas A-J.
(e) All of the Above
7. The database Australian Public Affairs Full Text APAFT (Informit) could be useful for
leisure topics? Librarian to complete
(a) True
(b) False
8. To find recent journal articles on
, which database would you use? Provide topic
9. Which of the following limits can NOT be used to narrow a search in the EBSCOhost
research databases?
(a) time period
(b) scholarly articles
(c) full text
(d) CSU Library journals
10. When would you use the combining term OR?
Division of Library Services
When you wish to search for occurrences of either of your search terms
When you want to exclude a particular search term
When you want to search for full-text articles
When you have retrieved too many matches and wish to make your search more
11. Truncation in a database search, would:
(a) narrow your search to include less information
(b) limit your search to include less information
(c) use the Boolean operators and / or
(d) broaden your search to include more information
12. Where would be the most appropriate place to put a truncation symbol to find all
variations of the following term(s) disable, disabled, disability
(a) dis*
(b) disab*
(c) *disab
(d) disabl*
13. The truncation symbol used in the OVID databases is:
(a) *
(b) $
(c) #
(d) !
14. If the database you search does not include the full-text of an article that you require,
which of the following options could you use to get a copy of an article listed in the
(a) Search the library catalogue to find out if the journal is held by the Library
(b) Give up and search the Web instead
(c) Search the Library catalogue by author
(d) Change databases
15. A good way to judge the relevance of a journal article for your assignment topic is to read
the abstract of the article.
 True
 False
16. Which of the following criteria will help you to evaluate whether the information you have
found is appropriate for your assignment?
(a) Relevance
(b) Currency
(c) Author's professional standing
(d) all of the above
17. You are writing an essay about leisure in the modern world and you found the following
article in the Factiva database: please provide a suitable topic for subject
Moss, D 2005, 'Stressful vacation? : Blame technology', Herald Sun, July 22, p.11
Librarian to complete
Would this be considered a scholarly article?
 Yes
 No
18. How would you search the Library catalogue to locate a copy of the following journal
Division of Library Services
Godbey, G 2003, 'The Harried Leisure Class', Journal of Leisure Research, vol. 35, no. 4,
pp. 478-481. Please provide a suitable journal article. Librarian to complete
Author search:
Title keyword search:
Title begins with:
Keyword search:
19. The journal Australasian Parks and Leisure is held at CSU Wagga campus library?
 True
 False
Please provide an appropriate journal
20. The Journal of Leisurability is held at the Thurgoona campus from 1992 - 2000?
 True
 False
As above
21. Is the full text of the following journal article available from the Library?
Brown, P 1997, ‘Revisioning women, sport and sports media',
Australian Leisure, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 25-29. Librarian to amend
 Yes
 No
22. In the following reference for a chapter in a book, the title of the book is?
Hyde, S 1992, 'Sharing power in the classroom', in Negotiating the curriculum: Educating
for the 21st century, G Boomer, N Lester, C Onore, J Cook (eds), The Falmer Press,
London Librarian to amend
Sharing the power in the classroom
The Falmer Press
Negotiating the curriculum: Educating for the 21st century
Educating for the 21st century
23. SFX links available in some databases can be used to:
(a) find related articles on your topic
(b) check to see if the article is available electronically in another database, or listed in
the Library catalogue
(c) repeat your search in another database
(d) search the Web for this article
Division of Library Services