Application for Facility Monitor Position International House, UCSD

Description of Facility Monitor Position
International House, UCSD
Phone: 858-822-1791, Fax: 858-534-0550, Email:
Under supervision by the I-House Director, Events Coordinator and Conference Services staff, work alone or
in a team with other facility monitor staff to monitor use and condition of the International House Great Hall,
patios and adjacent meeting rooms. Open, set-up, take down, and close the facilities for various weekday,
evening, and weekend events programmed by campus departments, community customers, International
House, Eleanor Roosevelt College, and others. Setup A/V equipment, put together staging and dance floors
and move furniture. Actively participate in training programs on furniture moving/lifting, A/V, health and
safety, emergency response and others. Respond to needs of customers. Regulate use of facility by customers.
Make rounds to ensure the facility is secure after each event. Ensure facilities are clean and professionally
presented. Carry out cleaning before and after each event, (e.g. trash disposal, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping,
dusting, spot-cleaning) and perform comprehensive weekly and monthly maintenance and upkeep of facilities.
Perform occasional cleaning and maintenance on Visiting Scholar Apartments. Attend as an active, positive
participant in weekly scheduling meetings.
Additional administrative duties as assigned (reception, phone, summer projects, office cleaning/organization,
inventory, etc.)
Scheduling: Events and monitor work schedules are coordinated and scheduled by I-House staff in conjunction
with Facility Monitors. Depending on facilities usage, monitors may work an average of between 15-20 hours
per week.
Salary: Starting salary is $9.50/hr with incentive structure for advancement to higher wages.
Facility Monitors must:
Have paid their fees for spring quarter 2011.
Must be available to work the entire summer (both sessions)
Be available to work at least ten hours per week.
Be available to work at least four weekends over the summer.. These will be selected by Facility
Monitors at beginning of summer.. Weekend includes Fri. evening, Sat, and Sun.
Be available to work various flexible hours including evenings, weekends, and possibly holidays.
Be reliable and punctual and show initiative.
Be willing and able to independently initiate and complete cleaning projects as necessary as well as
undertake regular cleaning to ensure that the spaces are professionally presented at all times.
Be able to follow oral and written instructions and to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
Be able to safely lift, move, carry, push, or pull items weighing 50-75 pounds.
Show good judgment in following safety procedures.
Make appropriate decisions taking into consideration their impact on I-House and its customers.
Be friendly, outgoing, and customer-oriented.
Demonstrate courtesy, poise and leadership skills.
Prefer students who have had experience with facility monitoring.
Prefer students who have had some audio/visual experience.
Application for Facility Monitor Position
International House, UCSD
Phone: 858-822-1791, Fax: 858-534-0550, Email:
With this application, please submit a schedule which includes your classes and any other weekly commitments. If
available, please also submit a brief resume of past work/volunteer experiences. Applications accepted until May
13th at 4:00 PM
Name: _______________________________________________ Today’s Date: _____________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Phone: _________________________
Year: Fr/So/Jr/Sr/Sr2/Grad
College: _______________________
Have you ever been employed by the University of California?
Units Winter Quarter ? ____
___ No
___ Yes
If you are presently employed, where? ______________________________________________
May we contact your present employer?
___ No
___ Yes
Supervisor Name: _______________________ Supervisor Phone: _______________________
Please provide the following information about prior employment/major volunteer experience or attach resume
From To
Reason for Leaving
Please answer the following questions in the space provided.
1. Why are you interested in being a facility monitor for the event spaces at the International House?
2. What job or volunteer experiences have you had which have prepared you for the requirements of this
3. What aspects of the job description appeal to you? What aspects are least attractive to you?
Applications Due: May 13th, 2011