Chaplaincy, Mansefield Rules

Building Rules 2015/16
Booking requests should be submitted by email to [email protected] and must clearly indicate
the following;
Society Name
Date Required
Start and End Time
(please take into account time required to clean and tidy the room at the end)
Number of People attending
Room(s) Requested
Bookings times must be strictly adhered to and where activities may affect other users, (for example through
a higher than usual level of noise), this should be specified at the time of booking, as should bookings which
will explicitly require a very quiet atmosphere. Please note that garden bookings will only be made in
conjunction with the Lounge and/or Lochnagar.
Each society is required to read the Rules of the Building and sign the Rules Agreement form and submit to
our office.
External Space:
1st Floor:
2nd Floor:
3rd Floor:
Rear Garden and Parking Bay*
Lochnagar, Kitchen and Lounge
Klibreck and Schehallion
The use of the parking bay* is permitted for the promotion of Faith Societies and charity fund raising
events only.
Each group is responsible for leaving the room tidy and clean;
Ensuring that the tables and chairs are tidied away at the end of an event.
Lounge: tables should be returned to the upright position at the rear of the room, to the side (NOT
blocking the Fire Exit)
Lochnagar: tables should be returned to the upright position behind the door and screen.
should be stacked behind the screen on the opposite wall from the tables.
Klibreck / Schiehallion: chairs should be places back around the edges of the room.
Ensuring that when food is consumed that the floors are hovered (including corridors if food is
spilled), that bins are emptied and that the kitchen floor is swept and mopped. (waste bags should be
placed in the refuse containers behind Mansefield – a replacement bag can be found at the bottom of
the bin ready for use by the next group).
Furniture: Tables and chairs SHOULD NOT be moved around the building to increase another room’s
capacity, as this conflicts with the University Health and Safety room capacity requirements. Furniture must
never be taken into the garden and/or parking bay, only the garden furniture should be used in outside
spaces. Garden furniture is locked in the garden shed, the key for which can be obtained from the office.
Food Preparation: In line with food hygiene requirements all food for consumption on the premises must
be prepared on the premises. Food prepared in your home is NOT PERMITTED, however food purchased
from a licenced establishment e.g. central catering, restaurant, supermarket etc. is permitted.
Refreshments: All users are required to provide their own refreshments i.e. tea/coffee/milk/biscuits etc., as
this is not supplied by the chaplaincy.
Candles: candles or incense are NOT permitted unless as part of a religious ceremony and only with the
permission of the Chaplain.
Recycling: Small recycling bins for plastic BOTTLES and aluminium TINs are located outside the Lounge.
Any other plastic and/or aluminium should be deposited in the recycle bins to the rear of the building.
GLASS BOTTLES should be taken to the recycling bins situated behind the building, situated to the rear of
the car park.
Doors: Neither the Main entrance door or the Lochnagar room door should be jammed open, due to them
having mechanical opening mechanisms. If you need assistance turning off the electronic mechanism in the
Lochnagar to have it remain open please talk to the main reception staff for assistance.
Building access beyond 5pm: Access in the evening is permitted to those attending booked events or the
Prayers Rooms only. The building must be vacated no later than 11 p.m. due to security.
Plays/Rehearsals: We do not encourage requests for such bookings which will only be granted at the
discretion of the chaplaincy. Please note that rehearsals must not exceed normal speaking volume,
remembering that the Chaplaincy has a ‘quiet’ ethos and ‘dramatic movement’ must be kept to a minimum.
The only room available for rehearsals is the Lounge.
Films: The Chaplaincy/Mansefield does not hold a licence to show films. Films directly relating to a
University of St Andrews taught module must be covered by the school/departmental licence and can then
be shown in the building. The signature of the relevant Lecturer/Professor is required. Permission to show
the film in the Chaplaincy/Mansefield may be sought by completing a ‘Film Application Form’ which can
be obtained from the Chaplaincy Secretary. If films are shown they must not be publicly advertised and no
charge can be made.
Conduct and Behaviour
Alcohol: Use consumption of alcohol in this building is NOT permitted. The only exception to this rule is
for occasional events or Faith Societies who have explicit permission from the Chaplain – the presidents of
these Faith societies must email and obtain permission.
Behaviour: The following behaviour is not permitted in this building; smoking, any form of pornography
or nudity, nor gambling or games of chance.
Money: No money may be exchanged for any goods or services except with the prior agreement of the
Chaplain. Charities or societies may have activities that raise money but these should first be cleared with
the Chaplain. Further, no money should be charged for viewing a film or playing music or any such activity,
nor should such events be publicly advertised. Such events must remain private to the particular group
concerned, and must be cleared first with the Chaplain.
Safety Information
FIRE ALARM: If the alarm goes off leave the building and proceed to the Fire Assembly Point, Student Union car
park. Typically, during working hours a member of Chaplaincy staff will act as a Fire Marshall and give guidance.
At all other times please ensure you and all members at your event leave the building. Call 999.
Protection of Fire Exits: Please be aware that the exits to the garden from the Lounge and Lochnagar are also Fire
Exits and must be kept clear at all times. You must ensure that these exits are not obstructed by chairs and tables.
Likewise the corridors and stairways are part of the fire escape route and must be keep clear
Electrical devices may not be used unless they have been tested in the chaplaincy (NO Equipment from home or
Halls maybe brought into the Chaplaincy), and then only in the kitchen. In other rooms, the only acceptable electrical
devices are the vacuum cleaner, TV, video, and projectors belonging to the building, and laptops.
Security Concerns: If you are using the building in the evening and have concerns about non University members
entering the building, misuse by university members or feel you require assistance please contact the University Out
of Hours Emergency Number. Internal 1212 or 01334 476161.
Access to the Kitchen: The Kitchen Door is locked at all times. If your society has permitted use of the
kitchen you must make arrangement to collect the key weekday afternoons before 4 p.m. (Monday’s no later
than 2 pm) for evening and weekend use.
Food prepared on the premises must be specifically for an event held in the Mansefield and must not be
taken of the premises.
Societies wishing to host a BBQ must book the Garden, Kitchen and one other ground floor room.
Societies must supply their own disposable barbeque packs and dispose of them appropriately at the end of
the event. In the interest of good food hygiene the Kitchen facilities should be used to store chilled foods
and in the preparation and cleaning, pre-post event.
The fridge can only be used for food that is being prepared for meals. Only people authorised to use the
fridges marked ‘Private’ may do so – a small general fridge is provided. Once a meal is over, ALL FOOD,
including milk, butter, cooking oil, salt etc., must be taken away. We reserve the right to dispose of any food
left in this fridge, due to health and safety regulations.
Refreshments: All users are required to provide their own refreshments i.e. tea/coffee/milk/biscuits etc., as
this is not supplied by the chaplaincy. Societies are welcome to fill up water jugs from the water dispenser
which is located in the secretary’s kitchenette, next to the Chaplaincy Office.
No food, drink or other supplies must be left on the kitchen tops or in the general fridge after an
event. You must bring all necessary supplies at the start of the event and take away of dispose of at
the end.
The waste bin must always be emptied by groups using the kitchen. Spare bin bags are below the
sink. The waste bags should be placed in the refuse containers behind Mansefield.
Dishes must be washed, dried and put away and the sink area and all surfaces, including the kitchen
table, left clean after EVERY meal/use.
The cooker including the oven (if used) must be cleaned and all surfaces wiped and sanitised.
The cooker and fan must be switched off. Please use only the specially supplied pots and pans
Chopping Boards: separate chopping boards have been provided for raw meat, vegetables and
ready-to-eat foods. You must wash the chopping boards thoroughly with hot water and washing-up
liquid after each use.
Tea Towels & Dish Cloths: these should be deposited in the washing bin provided after each use.
Do not use tea towels to wipe hands please only use the disposable handtowels provided – thus
eliminating the possibility of cross contamination of bacteria being spread to plates
Kitchen Floor and ALL carpets must always be left clean - sweep up all food. A brush and mop
are provided in the Kitchen and Hoover is stored in the disabled toilet.
Designed to meet the requirement Fife Council Environmental Health
regulations, the PRE-POST EVENT check sheet MUST be completed and returned to the office with the
kitchen key at the end of the event.
Guidelines for food handling in the kitchen
Defrosting (Critical Control Point)*
The growth of bacteria is usually prevented by freezing, but as food begins to thaw bacteria begin to multiply. All
frozen foods however, must be thoroughly defrosted/thawed before cooking, unless directions on packaging state
otherwise (e.g., frozen vegetables, cook-freeze product), under temperature controlled conditions i.e., in a refrigerator.
This is the safest but slowest method. Care must be taken with resultant defrosting liquids to avoid contamination.
Food Handling (Critical Control point)*
All bought in raw or pre-cooked chilled foods shall be held in refrigerated storage at 5°C or less, and must be
consumed by the "use by" or "best before" date on the packaging.
All raw materials used must be fresh, appropriately sealed or packaged, at the right temperature and showing no signs
of damage or physical contamination.
In preparation of foods, the essential factors are Time, Temperature and Moisture. In "favourable" conditions,
food poisoning bacteria can double in number every 10 to 20 minutes.
The danger zone is between 8°C and 63°C.
The potential for cross-contamination of foods during this stage will be taken into account, either by direct means
(from other products) or indirectly (insects, knives, chopping boards and fingers etc.).
Foods not ready for cooking/service
Occasionally pre-frozen raw or prepared foods will have been placed in a refrigerator to thaw and then will not be
ready when required. It is not a safe practice and therefore is not permissible then to attempt to "quick
thaw" a product i.e., by placing it in an ambient/warm kitchen to reduce thawing time.