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Topic # 3156
True and False
When just starting a rabbit program, it is recommended that you begin
with outbred rabbits.
The conformation of a rabbit is the orderly arrangement of the parts of a
rabbit to each other.
60% of the dressed weight of a rabbit is located in the hindquarters.
Rabbits should have a pear shape to their heads.
When measuring the width of the chest, you should be able to place two or
three fingers between the front legs.
Avoid rabbits with rolls of fat on the sides of the shoulders.
Do not select a rabbit whose ribs come straight back from the shoulder for
an inch or so.
The more distance there is between the last rib and the hip of a rabbit then
the better the loin is.
The arch of a rabbit should peak just over the hips of a rabbit.
________10. A good smooth filled-out rump is perhaps the most important factor in
selecting a rabbit.
________11. Only 7-8% of the domestic rabbit is bone.
________12. Fleshing in rabbits should be firm with a tight skin.
________13. Good balance in a rabbit exists when the hindquarters are deeper then the
________14. Healthy rabbits are alert and active.
________15. Most rabbit breeder consider 60% an excellent dressing percentage for
________16. When first purchasing rabbits, try to buy the cheapest individual and you
can improve your herd later.
________17. The Standard of Perfection is very important in selecting registered
________18. Disqualifications are temporary and can be corrected in rabbits but general
eliminations cannot.