ICPI sponsored CAP 09 meeting
Jiong Zhang, MD, PhD
Pathology Resident
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
With the sponsorship from ICPI, I attended the 2009 annual meeting of the
College of American Pathologists with a poster presentation, The unproportional
number of reports on co-existing adenocarcinoma and carcinoid tumor in the urinary
bladder. This is the first pathology meeting that I attended since I became a resident. The
meeting was very educational. The resident forum meeting familiarized me with current
issues in pathology training. The poster sessions gave me an opportunity to showcase my
research work. The receptions offered chances to meet new friends and potential
collaborators. The vendor show gave exposure to new tools. And most of all, the core
lectures provided valuable, updated and concentrated training in many areas of
pathology. I was convinced that I definitely needed to attend more meetings of the same
kind. I want to thank ICPI for helping to open the doors for me to the highly educational
pathology conferences.