First Breath to Death; A Lifetime of Pathology Data Sensing

First Breath to Death; A Lifetime of Pathology Data Sensing
and Analytics and its role in the transformation to patientcentered care.
Robert Corona, DO, Professor and Chair of Pathology, SUNY Upstate Medical
Dr. Robert Corona is the John B Bernard Henry Professor of Pathology and Chair of Pathology
and Laboratory Medicine at Upstate Medical University, and Clinical Chief of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine at University Hospital. Dr. Corona is leading Upstate MIND (Medical
Innovation and Novel Discovery), in the newly created position of Vice President for Innovation
and Business Development. He is also Director of the medical campus Biotechnology
Accelerator Center.
Each of us generates billions of bits of data captured over a lifetime. Making sense of this data
to predict and prevent disease, personalize our health care and engage us to participate in the
management of our own care will be our future. Building a learning health system using
advanced data analytics that extracts actionable data patterns from our EMRs, gene
sequencers, laboratory information systems, imaging systems, social media and mobile health
systems is the future of precision medicine. Computational pathology provides the precision
diagnostics that is the foundation of precision medicine. The presentation will explain how the
Biotechnology Accelerator Center will facilitate collaboration between physicians , scientists,
innovators and entrepreneurs to accelerate new discoveries and novel ideas that drive
economic growth in the region.
8 Annual NYS Biotechnology Symposium
- May 19 & 20, 2016 -