University of California Pathways Website Guide


University of California Pathways Website Guide

A Guided Internet Lesson

(based on web sites’ status as of September, 2001)

Developed by Paul Bullock, L.A. County Office of Ed., AVID

The following is a set of instructions designed to introduce you to some of the features of the LACOE AVID website and the UC Pathways website. Keep in mind that there is much exploring to be done after you have completed this guided site tour.


On the address bar at the top of your screen, enter the LACOE AVID Website address, , and then hit your return key. You should now be looking at the LACOE AVID home page.


Under “About AVID” (located in the top, left corner of your screen), click on

“How to Use the AVID Libraries.” Review the “Weblinks Instructions” portion of this page.


Under “AVID Libraries” (located in the bottom, left corner of your screen, under the About AVID area), click on “Weblinks.”

 By scrolling down to the bottom of the page where you see small numbers in blue print and underlined, you will notice that there are several pages of links. To change pages, click on an underlined page # and you will get that page. The number not underlined is the one you are on.

 Note that websites are listed in alphabetical order. To change this to a listing by category, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click

“category” (in blue print).


Find the UC Pathways link. What category is it a part of? ______________


Now enter the UC Pathways website by clicking on the UC Pathways link.

Review this home page to see what is available here.


Now click on “Information Center.”


Click on “Introducing the University.”


Click on “The University of California” (in blue, underlined text).

 Read this page. Several factors that students should consider when deciding on a campus are mentioned. Select 3 or 4 factors that are important to you.

 On a sheet of paper, create a grid that has a column for each of the 10 UC colleges, and a row for each factor you have selected.


At the bottom of “The University of California” page, embedded in the text are the words “campus description” in blue and underlined. Click on this hyperlink, then scroll down to the bottom of the new page. Here you will see each campus listed in blue and underlined.


Visit each campus description focusing on the factors you selected to place in your grid. Give each factor a rating of 1 to 5 for each campus (1 is a low score, 5 is a high score).


Total the score for each campus. Higher scores are campuses you might consider looking into.

UC Pathways Grid

Just replace the numbers in the far left column with the 4 or 5 factors that are relevant to you. Rank each factor for each school on a 1 to 5 scale, 1 being a low score and 5 being a high score. Schools with the higher total scores are schools that may fit your requirements the best.

Factors Berkley Davis Irvine Los








Merced Riverside San