avid parent night 1[1].

AVID Family Night Workshop 1
November 18, 2010
To learn:
•Basic information about AVID (mission/purpose; what it is/ is not)
•The AVID student profile
•What takes place during a typical week in the AVID elective
•AVID methodologies: WICR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, and
•The AVID grading system
•The importance of family involvement in student success; ways
parents can help at home
Southeast Halifax High School
AVID Family Night Team Presenters:
Ms. Felicia Booker, Business Teacher/SIG Instructional Coach
Ms. Norma Hedgepeth, Teacher
Mr. Frank Hunter, Assistant Principal
Ms. April Miller, AVID Teacher
Ms. Phyllis Sanders, Counselor
Ms. Cynthia Seabrook, Assistant Principal and AVID Coordinator
Mrs. Alfreda Smith, Cyber Manager/SIG Technology Facilitator