List of Attending recommended books:

List of Attending recommended books:
Dr. Mitra:
"Image Guided Spine Interventions" by Fenton & Czervionke, and
"Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities" by Hoppenfeld.
"Atlas of Pain Management Injection Techniques" by Waldman is also good for
office based injections.
- all of these are available in the resident/fellow library in clinic, but I would still rec
them if one is interested in spine/pain .
Dr. Englander:
1) Zasler ND, Katz DI, Zafonte RD. Brain Injury Medicine Principles and
Practice; Demos Medical Publishing, NY 2007
2) Rosenthal M, et al. Rehabilitation of the Adult and Child with traumatic
brain injury 3rd edition. FA Davis, Philadelphia 1999
3) Cummings JL and Mega M. Neuropsychiatry and behavioral neuroscience.
Oxford University Press Oxford/ New York 2003
4) Heilman KM, Valenstein E. Clinical Neuropsychology 4th ed. Oxford
University Press Oxford 2003
5) Textbooks in PMR: Braddom or DeLisa
Dr. Fredericson:
Orthopedic Exam by Reider
Clinical Sports Medicine by Bruckner and Khan
Also, please check out the PASSOR website
Dr. Lew:
Physical Examination of the Spine and Extremities (Hardcover)
by Stanley Hoppenfeld (Author) "The
Johnson's Practical Electromyography (Hardcover)
by William S Pease (Author), Henry L Lew (Author), Ernest W Johnson (Author)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Hardcover)
by Randall L. Braddom (Author)
Dr. Williams:
1) Spinal cord Medicine text by Kirschblum as well as PVA
published guidelines (skin, neurogenic bowel/bladder, spasticity, DVT,
management,etc) for SCI rotation at Valley.
2) Pediatric Rehab book by Gabriella Molnar for peds rehab rotation at Valley.
Ted Scott:
First year of PM&R residency, I would suggest:
PM&R Secrets Pocketpedia
Preston & Shapiro (EMG book)
Also, I would suggest for first year reading the free booklets from the paralyzed veterans
consortium on spinal cord medicine guidelines. They are also available free on line.
Second year:
Reider Physical Exam
Bruckner Sports Medicine
Kendall Muscle Testing and Function