Ecology Study Guide- Part 2- Honors

Ecology Study Guide- Part 2- Honors
1. Define population, community, and ecosystem.
2. Identify/explain the 2 things that result in population growth and 2 things that result in
population decrease
3. Define exponential growth and draw a simple graph that represents exponential growth
4. Describe the conditions for exponential growth (what does it take for this type of growth
to occur?)
5. Define Logistic growth. Draw a simple graph that represents logistic growth
6. Define carrying capacity and explain why it is only seen in logistic graphs and not
7. Explain the difference between density-dependent and density independent factors
8. Identify 3 density-dependent limiting factors and 2 density independent factors. Explain
how EACH would limit population growth
9. Define predation/competition. Describe the predator/prey relationship in regards to
population growth-how can predators/prey both impact the population size of the other?.
Create a specific example of competition and explain how it could impact population
10. Name and describe 3 types of symbiosis.
11. Explain what ecological succession is (BOTH primary and secondary). Are they
considered density dependent or density independent factors? Why?
12. List the order of major organisms to appear from first to last in primary ecological
succession. (put these in order- trees, lichens grass, shrubs,)
13. Explain the difference between renewable/non-renewable resources. Give 2 examples of
14. Define biodiversity and explain why it’s our greatest resource. How do humans threaten
biodiversity? Give and describe at least 3 ways. Then tell how you would stop each of
those if you could.