Population Dynamics Reading Guide

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Populations Reading Questions
Integrated Science 3
Read chapter 1, Section 1 & 2 (pages 3 -12) in the Integrated Science 3-4 textbook and answer the questions below.
 Part 1: Growth Patterns
1. Define population density:
2. List 3 factors that affect population size.
3. Define exponential growth:
a. Describe the conditions under which this type of growth occurs in a population.
4. Define logistic growth:
Draw a logistic growth curve. Label all
components and axes.
b. Describe the five stages of a logistic growth curve.
5. Define carrying capacity:
 Part 2: Factors That Control Population Growth
1. Define limiting factor:
a. List factors that prevent populations from growing at an exponential rate indefinitely.
2. Define density-dependent limiting factor:
a. Give a brief description of the examples listed below.
 Competition:
3. Define density-independent limiting factor and list examples.
a. Describe the growth pattern of populations that are affected by this type of limiting factor.