263 - Greater Manchester Police

Systems Architect
IT Services
Systems Planning
Systems Planning Manager
To architect, develop and specify IT technical
solutions to enable the integration and delivery of all
the Force’s IT products and services.
Enable the integration and delivery of IT products and services in line with the Force’s business
To undertake the specification and development of the Force’s IT technical architecture,
contribute to the ongoing reassessment and make recommendations for improvement or
change where appropriate.
To define the principles to which IT Technical Solutions must conform through discussions
with Branch senior managers.
To architect, develop and specify specific IT technical solutions as required.
To apply IT technical architectures in the areas of networking and mobile solutions, computer
hardware, storage platforms and client and server operating software, including security
products and middleware and be fully conversant with the implications of their integration
within an overall technical architecture.
To utilise database products, in particular Oracle, Microsoft SQL server and Domino/Notes,
and be conversant with the implications of their integration within an overall IT technical
To be familier with computer management concepts and products, in particular Oracle Grid
Control, Microsft SMS, and performance montoring solutions and services and be conversant
with the implications of their integration within an overall IT technical architecture.
To apply the principles and practices associated with Business and Service Continuity,
ensuring that IT technical solutions are architected to the appropriate standard to deliver the
required levels of resilience required by the Force.
Systems Architect, Systems Planning
June 2009
To maintain an awareness of industry "best practice" for the interpretation and development
of this where appropriate into specific IT technical solutions suitable for use in GMP.
To provide advice and assistance in the review and evaluation of opportunities within
developing technology and advise the Branch senior management on their application to the
GMP IT Strategy Programme.
To liaise with staff at various levels within IT Services, suppliers (e.g. Airwave), 3rd Parties
(e.g. NPIA) and occasionally customers.
To work with multi-functional teams and to oversee the integration of individual IT systems
such that business requirements are met.
To use a variety of methods including meetings, workshops, written documentation, and
presentations to assertain their requirements. Interpreting these into viable IT technical
architecture solutions.
To produce documentation to a high standard, including designs, specifications and other
materials suitable for use in proposals, procurements, and subsequent implementations.
To assist in the IT Branch quality assurance process with particular reference to ensuring the
viability of third party proposals; Identifying any inconsistances or mismatches with the Forces
technical architecture and proposing alternatives as required.
To assist in the production of project plans with particular reference to ensuring adequate
provision is made for those elements concerning all aspects of the IT Technical architecture.
To assist with implementation activities as required.
To assist with IT problem, capacity and performance management activities as required.
To represent the Force at meetings with the suppliers, 3rd parties and occasionally customers.
To promote and comply with GMP's policies on equal opportunities and health and safety
both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.
To be responsible for improving your performance by participating in the Performance
Appraisal process with your manager.
To ensure compliance with statutory requirements in relation to information management
including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Code of
Practice on Management of Police Information 2005, as appropriate
To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing –
requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are
available on the Force Intranet.
To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and
grading of the post.
This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. The job
description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to reflect changes.
There are two Systems Architect Posts. The skills of each postholder will compliment each other i.e
server or network based, ensuring knowledge across all areas is maintained within the Unit. This is
reflected in the person specification.
Systems Architect, Systems Planning
June 2009
Systems Architect (Systems Planning)
IT Services
Strategic perspective (B)
Concentrates on issues that support the broad organisational strategy. Maintains a broad
view, and understands and considers the interests and aims of other units or outside
Openness to change (B)
Supports, promotes and puts into practice change. Introduces new ways of doing things
and encourages others to accept them. Overcomes barriers to change.
Team working (B)
Sets up teams or working groups, and involves them in achieving goals. Develops good
relationships and co-operation within the team, and removes barriers. Supports team
members when necessary.
Respect for race and diversity (A)
Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic
when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands
and is sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences
Problem solving (B)
Gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is
reliable and accurate. Analyses information to identify important issues and problems.
Identifies risks and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.
Effective communication (B)
Communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of
communication to meet the needs of the audience. Asks probing questions to check
Personal responsibility (A)
Readily accepts responsibility for self and others. Takes responsibility for managing
situations and problems. Leads by example, showing a commitment and a determination
to succeed. Continues to learn and develop.
Planning and organising (B)
Plans activities thoroughly for self and others. Builds milestones into plans, monitors
progress and adjusts them as necessary in response to any changes. Provides clear
direction and makes sure that staff know what is expected of them.
Explanation of competency levels:
(A), (B), (C) indicates the level of competency taken from the National Competency Framework.
All behavioural competencies will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.
Systems Architect, Systems Planning
June 2009
Proven ability to understand complex IT
technologies and architect systems design to
integrate into the existing infrastructure and
within the constraints of a budget.
An understanding of the ITIL standards.*
Experience of Lotus Notes Development.
IBM certified.
Significant knowledge and experience of
operation of architecting systems in Windows
Server (including Windows 2003), Windows
Operating Systems (including Windows XP).
Significant knowledge and experience of
architecting systems in the following
HP Servers/blades environments
including network connectivity, NAS,
Oracle, SQL server, & other
collaborative and security products.
Converged Voice and Data Network
infrastructures, Call Centre Solutions,
Network Security, Remote Access and
other mobile solutions & collaborative
Proven ability to negotiate appropriate technical
solutions with 3rd party suppliers to meet the
needs of GMP.
Proven ability to produce detailed technical
documentation and management summary
reports, including production of technical
diagrams and graphics.
Proven ability to use recognised tools and
techniques to create detailed design
Proven ability to identify beneficial changes in
the industry, influence the need for change in
the organisation and architect new solutions
Ability to quickly assimilate, interpret and
analyse information about new hardware and
The ability to represent the IT Branch or
organisation on technology related matters.
Systems Architect, Systems Planning
June 2009
Oracle certified.
In depth understanding of IT principles and
Worked in a similar post in a large and complex
Significant practical experience of implementing
new complex IT systems.
Significant experience in architecting resilient
solutions in a corporate environment.
Significant experience in the identification of
suitable hardware to meet specific business
demands and service levels.
Proven ability to present architected solutions in
a clear and concise manner.
Significant experience of reviewing and
approving technical specifications and tender
responses from third parties.
Significant experience in supervising the
implementation of complex integrated solutions
involving 3rd party suppliers.
Significant experience in the development of
technical strategy programmes.
Degree or equivalent in computer-related
discipline or equivalent, significant experience.
Has achieved a good attendance record.
Full driving licence and have a vehicle available
for occasional business use.
Keep abreast of changes in technology.
Prepared to work abnormal hours when
All essential criteria above will also be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.
The desirable criteria marked with an asterisk will be desirable at selection stage but will become
essential once in post and will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.
Please note that we will consider making reasonable adjustments to the above, in line with the
Disability Discrimination Act
Systems Architect, Systems Planning
June 2009